Yoga For Men: Here Are 3 Reasons Why All Men Must Try It!
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Yoga For Men: Here Are 3 Reasons Why All Men Must Try It!

Grandmaster Akshar
9 min read

Yoga For Men: Here Are 3 Reasons Why All Men Must Try It!

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Yoga for men can be an unimaginable thing. But the truth is yoga is for everyone...and we mean, EVERYONE! These yoga poses and their benefits are here to change your mind.

Yoga is often associated only with women, unfortunately, but has one thought about the kind of benefits men can reap through yoga? When it comes to yoga, men are said to be benefited more as compared to women, all thanks to their tighter and larger muscles. If men kick-start their yoga routine with the most basic postures, it can benefit them greatly. For all the men out there, here are a few reasons why yoga should be on the top of your workout preferences:

  1. Relieves stress and calms your mind – All that traffic on your way to work and a jam-packed schedule can get on your last nerve. But this can be countered with yoga. It not only stimulates your brain function, but is also said to relieve clinical depression. Since most men have a very active and hectic lifestyle, 60-70 minutes of yoga is sure to help you calm the senses. Yoga employs a number of relaxing techniques that calm your body, train your mind to see the wider picture, and act with integrity, instead of losing your cool. Hence, yoga for men can prove to be very beneficial to relieve stress and calm your mind.

    What to do: Uttasana (Standing forward bend)

    How to do it: Start with your hands on your hips, then exhale, bringing your chin slightly towards your chest and bending forward at the hip. Make sure to relax your head, neck, and shoulders, and to let your arms hang loosely. Place your palms on the floor besides, or slightly in front of, your feet. If you can’t touch the floor, cross your forearms and grab your elbows. Finish the pose by inhaling and bringing your hands back to the hips, your chin tucked, and torso lengthened as you come up.


  2. For a strong core and improved posture – Most of the yoga asanas aim at improving flexibility through loosening up many joints that make up your spine. It is essential to have a flexible and improved posture if you’re a sport enthusiast. It not only improves your game, but also contributes to detoxification and improved digestion. Purge out those toxins with one basic asana – the tadasana.

    What to do: Tadasana (Mountain pose)

    How to do it: Stand with your toes touching each other, and your heels slightly apart. Make sure to balance your weight evenly on your feet, and lift up your arches. Use your thigh muscles slightly to lift up the kneecaps, but avoid locking your knees.


  3. Prevent workout injuries – Yoga is all about learning to honour your body, therefore giving us an insight of how our body works and what it’s capable of. It gives us the power to access our body through practice, which, therefore, will reduce any chance of injury while playing a sport. Well-stretched muscles will recover better after a workout. Practice asanas which will strengthen the muscles in your calves, thighs, groin etc.

    What to do: Vrikshasana (Tree pose)

    Shift your weight onto your right foot, pressing it firmly onto the floor. Bend your left leg and place it on the knee with the sole of the left foot on your inner right thigh. Point the toes toward the floor. Bring your palms together in front of your chest, and keep your weight centered over the left foot. Press the right knee back to open the groin, while keeping your hips parallel to the front of the room. Release the foot and repeat on the other side.


Yoga is also proven to improve men’s sex life, immunity, muscle strength etc., thereby helping in building your overall personality.  

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