World Laughter Day: 5 Health Benefits Of Laughter
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World Laughter Day: 5 Health Benefits Of Laughter

Vallari Sharma
3 min read

World Laughter Day: 5 Health Benefits Of Laughter

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It’s not for no reason that they say- laughter is the best medicine. A good laugh not only feels great, but also works wonders for your health. Here are 5 health benefits of laughter that all of you must know about.

“Laughter serves as a blocking agent. Like a bulletproof vest, it may help protect you against the ravages of negative emotions that can assault you in disease.”

                                                                                                      ~Norman Cousins

Everybody enjoys a good laugh, but not everyone realises how precious could pearls of laughter be. That’s why on the occasion of World Laughter Day, we would like to enlighten you with the health benefits of laughter.

Here is how laughing more often can make you healthier and improve your overall well-being.

1. Hearty heart

Health Benefits Of Laughter

Laughter is said to be as good for your heart, as cardio, while we don’t suggest you to stop exercising, but on the days you can’t work out, laugh a little extra. Laughter benefits your cardiovascular health by improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and of course, reducing stress. There’s no better stress buster than a hearty laugh.  

According to the American Heart Association, laughter can decrease stress hormones, reduce artery inflammation, and increase HDL, the good cholesterol. In their research, they discovered that laughter leads to an immediate reduction in the body’s negative response to stress and causes the blood vessels of the body — including the heart — to increase blood flow as needed.

Moreover, in a study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, it was discovered that laughter causes the release of Nitric Oxide. And, Nitric Oxide is known to protect the heart by reducing inflammation and preventing the formation of cholesterol plaque.

2. Hello...six-pack abs

Health Benefits Of Laughter

Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt? Well, then, we have got a piece of good news for you. You might soon be flaunting a six-pack. Confused? Allow us to explain. Well, laughing causes the muscles in your stomach to expand and contract in a similar way as they do when you intentionally work your abs. So, the hurt you feel from laughing too hard, for too long, it's because your muscles are working.

Also, the muscles that are not being used get an opportunity to relax.

3. Weight loss benefits

Health Benefits Of Laughter

The laughing Buddha might sport a cute little belly, but trust us, if you laugh as much as him you could have the body of your dreams. Many studies have proven that laughing causes calories to burn.

In a research conducted by the International Journal of Obesity, it was found that laughing for 15 minutes can burn about 10-40 calories by raising your heart rate.

Seems like it won't be funny if we say taking it lightly can make you feel lighter.

4. Mental health problems? Who?

Health Benefits Of Laughter

If you actually laugh out loud every time you 'lol', you probably would never have mental health problems.

It's a well-known fact that laughing causes the body to release endorphins, the feel-good hormone that enforces an overall sense of well-being.

A report by The University of Kentucky defined laughter as an “outward expression of amusement”.  This report emphasises on how laughter is an emotional medicine and possesses the power to reduce stress, anger, and loneliness.

According to the Social Anxiety Institute, laughter therapy is one of the best ways to get people to bond and connect. Their research team has found that laughing helps break down barriers and makes people feel more connected and more willing to share.

5. Shine bright like a diamond

Health Benefits Of Laughter

Ever heard the saying “Happy people are the prettiest”. Well, it’s true. There are many beauty benefits of laughter. Laughter uses all the muscles of the face, tones them, and encourages collagen production. This slows the ageing process and keeps the facial muscles younger and fresher looking.

Dr Malin, an expert on psychiatry and dermatology says, "A lot of nerve endings are connected to the skin, which wraps around the organs, so as emotions are played out neurologically, they can be expressed through the skin, just as stress can be expressed through gastrointestinal symptoms, increased anxiety or hypertension."

So, instead of running to get a facial done before a big date, just watch a comedy movie. It will do its thing.

Convinced to squeak a hearty giggle? Here are some jokes that would help you laugh your way to good health.

Health Benefits Of Laughter

Health Benefits Of Laughter

Which joke is your favourite? Leave it in the comments below and spread laughter all around.

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