Wake Up And Smell The Coffee: What Your Sense Of Smell Says About Your Health
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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee: What Your Sense Of Smell Says About Your Health

Mansi Kohli
6 min read

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee: What Your Sense Of Smell Says About Your Health

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How sharp is your sense of smell? Whether you smell things from miles away, or don’t smell anything until it’s right up your nose, your olfactory sense says a lot about you.

As we age, we are bound to lose some of our capabilities that worked wonders when we were young. The sense of smell is one of them, apart from loss of hearing and vision.

You nose says a lot about your health

Poor smell detection isn’t only because your nose is blocked and clogged due to a cold. If prolonged, it could be a tell-tale sign of mental disease, heart issues, or early death too. Read on!

Check for overeating when you cannot smell – A yummy dish can be smelt from a million miles away, agreed? But what if the same yummy dish you love so much, can’t be enjoyed through the sense of smell when in front of you? Alarm bells should be ringing here, because the lack of smell can actually make you eat more, so as to be satisfied. This ultimately puts more calories into the body, leading to weight gain.

Migraines make you imagine smells – If you smell something foul that no one else can, neurological experts say it could be the onset of migraine. The onset makes the patient imagine or hallucinate foul smells. People have complained of the smell of decomposing and burning flesh, or faeces, amongst others. 

You could be showing signs of Alzheimer’s – If you aren’t able to smell, or use the sense of smell well, it could be a very early sign of Alzheimer’s, say experts from Harvard Medical School. In the tests conducted, those who fared low on smell tests were at high risk of attaining degenerative diseases of the brain, than those with better smell and odour identification. Brains of the participants were analysed for the same, and it was shown that certain parts of the brain, which control smells and odour recognition, were showing signs of degeneration.

It could be high blood pressure – Too much salt is a big no-no if you suffer from hypertension. However, if you aren’t able to sniff the table salt being used in your daily cooking, chances are you’d add a little more to satiate the nostrils. This would mean that you might end up spiking your blood pressure levels without knowing it, until one fine day you show signs of high blood pressure. Experts say that people with high blood pressure levels are likely to lose their sense of smell.

Your heart could be asking for help – Some of us pick up scents more than others. However, some people detect off-base smells, such as fish and poultry, or other bad odours, even when these smells aren’t present. Medical experts warn that this could be one of the first signs of cardiovascular issues. According to experts, olfactory hallucinations are associated with foul smells and unpleasant odours, and are usually in play just before the stroke.

Don’t ignore it when your sense of smell is trying to make you sense something sinister…speak to your doctor today!

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