5 Tips For Healthy Eating On A Strict Budget
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5 Tips For Healthy Eating On A Strict Budget

Vallari Sharma
2 min read

5 Tips For Healthy Eating On A Strict Budget

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Eating healthy on a budget can be a struggle when a tiny bowl of salad costs double than a massive plate of chole bhature. However, it’s not impossible.

You can keep both your waist and your budget in check by incorporating these 5 strategies in your life:

1. Eat local:

Local produce is fresher and cheaper compared to the imported produce. Since local produce reaches your table within a short span of time, fewer nutrients are lost from fresh food.
Moreover, when you buy local and seasonal foods, you buy foods that are at the peak of its supply. Hence, seasonal fruits don’t cost you much. Buying local ensures you get the yummiest and healthiest food without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Do it yourself:

Cook at home. Prepare your own dips, spices, spreads, and sauces.

It’s a well-known fact that food prepared commercially, and at restaurants, isn’t made using the freshest ingredients. In fact, this food is usually high in salt, fat, and is also loaded with preservatives and artificial flavouring agents— basically all things that aren’t healthy! By preparing your own food, you can make sure you are using the freshest and the healthiest ingredients and can control the amount of oil and salt you add into it. Additionally, it’s believed that you can feed a family of 4 in the amount you spend on buying food for one or two people at a restaurant. In case you don’t have time to cook from scratch every day, you can cook over the weekend, freeze the food, and reheat it when you want to eat.

3. Buy in bulk:

Most foods cost way lesser, when bought in bulk. While we don’t recommend shopping for fruits and vegetables in large quantities, buying grains, cereals, nuts, dried fruits in bulk can help you save a lot of moolah. You can store these ingredients in airtight containers, and use them to prepare wholesome healthy meals.

4. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

You might have heard this many a times, various studies have proven it too. People buy more high-calorie foods when they are hungry. Shopping for groceries on an empty stomach can make you shop impulsively and buy more than you need. Especially, junk foods. This happens because when you’re hungry, you often crave fried foods and foods that are high in salt and sugar. These foods aren’t only bad for your health, but also your wallet.

To avoid having an empty belly while shopping, grab a fruit or a healthy snack before you head out to buy groceries.

5. Repurpose leftovers

Don’t throw away the leftover food. Instead, reuse it to make something fun and interesting. This won’t only save you money but also time. Leftovers are said to make great stews, sandwiches, and salads. Don’t shy away from experimenting. Do not store leftover food for too long as its nutritional value gets lost.

So, you need not break the bank to eat healthy. By putting in a little extra effort and making smart choices while shopping for groceries, you can eat well even when you are on a tight budget.

Got more tips to eat healthily? Let us know in the comments below.

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