Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Penis Enhancement
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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Penis Enhancement

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Penis Enhancement

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I bet you 10 dollars, every man on the planet has at least once wondered if his penis was big enough.

People often complain as to how they find their sex life to be lacking or inadequate, thanks to years of devotion to porn. Some others claim to find a certain je ne sais quoi missing.

But of course, you know very well that plumbers are seldom as good-looking, French maids never interested in anything more than the dirty bedspread, and gardeners don’t mow the lawn shirtless…even in a tropical country like ours. Even then, ridiculous as it may sound, people continue to expect real life to be like porn and real human bodies to be like those of porn stars’. Porn hasn’t only given women body image issues, but also brought men to a point of desperation where they’d choose a large penis over money, success, love, or happiness!

I bet you 10 dollars, every man on the planet has at least once wondered if his penis was big enough. On that note, let me tell you everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about penis enhancement.

  1. Even though most men tend to feel like they’re falling ‘short’, excuse the pun, the average penis size when erect is 4-6 inches. There’s a lot more variation in penis sizes when flaccid, but it’s safe to say that your penis, that you dread to be exiguous, is actually just fine!
  2. You’ll find pills, lotions, vacuum pumps, and a plethora of other products that promise to enhance your penis and magically transform your sex life. Don’t fall for it because there's little scientific evidence to support non-surgical penis enlargement techniques. Plus, no half-decent organisation today will offer penis enlargement for purely cosmetic reasons. Such procedures are strictly reserved for life-threatening conditions like paraphimosis.
  3. Scientists have mixed feelings about currently available surgical techniques— however, sparse they may be, in terms of results safety, effectiveness and patient satisfaction. At best, it may add an inch to the flaccid length, but the erection may remain to be of the same size. At worst, it can cause infection, scarring, loss of sensation, damaged function. Would you risk it?image3
Image source:  https://www.marriagespice.store/

4. You see penis pumps being recommended these days, but remember, these are meant to help men with erectile dysfunction and don’t enhance the size of your penis. Same with vacuum pumps. There is also no exercise to date that can demonstrably help with permanent enlargement.

5. Feeling inadequate may not just have a physiological root. It can even be psychological. The National Centre for Biotechnology Information describes penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD): “PDD is shorthand for men diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, in whom the size or shape of the penis is their main, if not their exclusive, preoccupation causing significant shame or handicap.” It’s a rare condition, but is certainly possible in cases where anxiety about one’s phallus can get out of hand.

6. The biggest misconception that men today suffer from is that size matters. Innumerable studies and surveys have revealed that for most partners, affection, foreplay, and consideration are more important. Penile size or girth wasn’t even on the list!

Everything About Penis Enhancement

When it comes to penises, the adage “bigger the better” does not hold true. Most women’s vaginas are only 4.25-4.75 inches long when aroused. Imaginably, a large penis would only mean discomfort and pain to her rather than pleasure. Sex is more than just penetration. So, let go of your apprehensions and anxieties and just focus on your partners’ pleasure if you really want your sex life to be high-voltage!

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