Want To Sleep Better With Your Partner? Try These 5 Tips
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Want To Sleep Better With Your Partner? Try These 5 Tips

Vallari Sharma
3 min read

Want To Sleep Better With Your Partner? Try These 5 Tips

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It’s a privilege to have someone to come home to and snuggle in bed with. Various studies have proven that sleeping with a partner could improve your health.

A study conducted by Wendy Troxel, discovered that sleeping with a partner could promote feelings of safety and security, lower the levels of the stress hormone- cortisol, boost the levels of the oxytocin- a hormone that is said to ease anxiety. The study also showed that sleeping with your partner could reduce the level of cytokines that can cause inflammation.

Well, in spite of so many health benefits, many people find difficult to sleep with their SO. If you too are sailing in the same boat, here is something that could be of use to you.

These 5 tips would make sure you and your ‘baby’, sleep like a baby in each other’s arms:

1. Have ‘no screens in the bedroom’ rule

This rule shouldn’t only apply to the kids’ room. Screens harm you as much as they harm kids and could disrupt the sleep cycle. A study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation showed that exposure to artificial light between dusk and bedtime affects our sleep cycle. Artificial light exposure between dusk and the time we go to bed at night suppresses the release of the sleep-promoting hormone- melatonin, enhances alertness and shifts circadian rhythms to a later hour.

So, before you and your partner hop into the bed, leave your phones and laptops in another room. ‘Netflix and chill’ is romantic, but not when you are planning to sleep.

2. Invest in the right mattress

The mattress you sleep on plays a major role in determining the quality of your sleep. A mattress that is excessively soft or hard, could only make it difficult for you to have a comfortable sleep, but also cause back and neck issues.

When buying a mattress for you and your partner, keep in mind that it should suit you both.

First of all, make sure your mattress is large enough to give each of you, plenty of space. Additionally, it’s also important to ensure that the mattress has minimum motion transfer, so that you don't disturb each other with movement.

Sleep Better With Your Partner

3. Say yes to sex

Having sex before sleep time can help you slumber peacefully. It’s proven that getting an orgasm leads to the release of endorphins and dopamine. These hormones reduce stress and calm the body. This helps in getting better sleep. A study conducted at CQ University’s Appleton Institute for Behavioural Science showed that 64 per cent of people who had sex with a partner that led to climax, had better sleep.

4. Do it like Scandinavians

While there is no cuter feeling than that of cuddling under a cosy blanket, but sharing a single blanket might not be the best idea when it comes to sleeping. No one enjoys fighting for the blanket in the middle of the night. That’s why it’s better to do it the way Scandinavians do. Scandinavians often keep two twin comforters on their beds instead of one big one. Adopting this habit will not only keep you from fighting for covers, but would give you greater control over your sleep environment.

And if you’re worried that having separate blankets would kill the intimacy, then, trust us, it won’t. When we sleep well, we’re less likely to feel stressed and when we’re less stressed, we’re all a lot more likely to want to engage intimately with our partners.

Sleep Better With Your Partner

5. Have the same sleep schedule

In a new survey, commissioned by Warren Evans, it was discovered that three-quarters of couples climbed into bed at different times, and it was observed that varying sleeping habits impacted the couples’ relationships, with over a third experiencing arguments or short tempers, as a result of being woken up or disturbed by a partner’s different sleeping pattern. Additionally, those who had experienced problems in their relationships because of different sleeping sleep schedules also complained about missing the feeling of ‘sleeping together’.

So, having the same bedtime won’t only help you sleep better, but would also bring you closer to your partner and strengthen your relationship.

We believe, couples who sleep together, stay together. So, share this article with your partner and ZZZ your way to the land your dreams.

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