How Is Uflex Making Life Better For The Mankind?
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How Is Uflex Making Life Better For The Mankind?

Vallari Sharma
3 min read

How Is Uflex Making Life Better For The Mankind?

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In a day and age where the earth is choking under copious layers of toxic waste, Uflex emerges as a saviour with its flexible packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable.

Ever since its inception in 1985, Uflex has earned an irreproachable reputation for defining the contours of the "Packaging Industry" in India and as many as 140 countries, where it provides end-to-end solutions to its clients. Over the last three decades, Uflex has evolved and reformed its products to suit the changing needs of the people, as well as the environment. Today, it enjoys a formidable market presence and has established itself as India’s largest flexible packaging company.

Uflex offers technologically superior packaging for a wide variety of products, such as snack foods, candies, confectionery, sugar; rice and other cereals; beverages, dessert mixes, noodles, wheat flour; soaps and detergents, shampoos and conditioners; vegetable oil, spices, marinades and pastes. It also specialises in packaging for cheese and dairy products, frozen food, seafood, meat, anti-fog, pet food, pharmaceuticals, contraceptives, garden fertilizers and plant nutrients, motor oil and lubricants, automotive and engineering components and many more.

Many leading brands including P&G, PepsiCo, Tata Global Beverages, Mondelez, L’Oreal, Britannia, Haldiram, Amul, Kimberly Clark, Ferrero Rocher, Perfetti, GSK, Nestle, Agrotech Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Wrigley and Coca-Cola trust Uflex for packaging their world-renowned products. The anti-counterfeiting solutions offered by Uflex lends the products authentication, making these brands stand out from the rest.

Uflex’s methodology of recycling and reprocessing of the waste materials play a very important role in saving the environment and reducing carbon gas emission. Its ‘flexible’ packaging (MLP) which is 100% recyclable helps in decreasing waste in landfills.

Being one of the most influential firms across the globe, Uflex understands its responsibility towards the planet. Environmental policies at Uflex put a strong emphasis on down-gauging, light-weighting, reduction at source, and design optimisation in all its creations. Its global film manufacturing arm FlexFilms specialises in manufacturing Recycled Polyester Film, Oxo and Biodegradable Films, and Green Polyester Film. The Green Polyester Film has been internationally honoured for its sustainability quotient. In this film, conventional Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) that is made from non-renewable petro-based feedstock is totally replaced by green MEG derived from bio-ethanol made from renewable agro-inputs.

In 2015, Uflex added another feather to its cap by introducing FlexfreshTM -a film that keeps the fresh produce fresh by maintaining consistent oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the bag during the shelf life of the produce. This patented polymeric film engineered by Uflex works on the principle of Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging (AMAP). It maintains around 95% humidity inside the bag and keeps the product dry without allowing condensation. And since the produce continues to breathe in the hydrated oxygen available inside the bag, the weight loss is minimal.

While there are several solutions in the market for fresh produce, FlexfreshTM from the house of Uflex is the world’s first Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging (AMAP) solution which is also 100% biodegradable and the only one that uses AMAP technology.

Now, Uflex is all set to create a wave in the pharmaceutical sector by catering to the special needs of Alu-Alu packaging market. Alu Alu is an excellent multilayered structure, designed for packaging of an extremely sensitive range of pharmaceutical and generic medicines, which are highly hygroscopic and light-sensitive in nature, by providing better protection and prevention against UV rays. A conventional Alu-Alu blister laminate comprises of layers of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Bi-axially Oriented Polyamide (BOPA- commonly known as BON) films, which is used extensively in cold formed pharma blister packaging industry.

A conventional cold formed pharmaceutical blister pack when dumped in the landfill gives away chlorine upon coming in contact with sunlight. This is extremely harmful to the environment. PVC film leaves a high carbon footprint on the planet and the chemical compounds present in them are extremely dangerous for health. PVC contains plasticisers with phthalates which are said to cause health disorders, that can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system.

Eliminating BOPA and PVC films in the cold formed Alu-Alu laminate blister pack for pharmaceuticals has for long remained a daunting task for packaging experts. Keeping these challenges of BOPA and PVC substrates in mind, the Film Manufacturing Business of Uflex came up with a special polyester film that obviates the problems posed by BON and PVC. The new structure comprises of 36 micron special polyester/ 50 micron soft aluminum foil /36 micron special polyester.

This new invention with value added differentiation, addresses the shortcomings of both BON and PVC films faced by convertors catering to the pharmaceutical companies. This film is proving to be a game changer for the pharmaceutical packaging industry in India and globally.

When you choose Uflex, be assured of getting great quality, and also contributing towards a greater and greener cause.

This article is a sponsored feature for Uflex.

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