Top 9 Foods To Help Boost Your Metabolism Naturally
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Top 9 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

Top 9 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

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While no foods are a magic shortcut to weight loss, metabolism-boosting foods can still make a huge difference to your journey towards ultimate fitness and well-being.

The right way to fitness is to build a positive approach to it. So instead of obsessing about what not to eat, focus on what to eat, for optimum weight-loss. Due to lack of daily exercise and poor dietary choices, the metabolism slows down with time. Also, metabolism slows down with age.

A great way to boost your metabolism is to eat the right foods that will kick start your metabolism. A faster metabolism has everything to do with weight loss, because it helps digest food better, and burn fat faster.  So, whether you’re trying to get into that wedding dress or just remain in shape, we all can use a little boost. And anyway, what’s life without a metabolism-boosting diet plan, eh?

Provided you understand that these foods aren’t a way to quickly lose pounds and forget, but a way of life that enables us to keep diseases like diabetes away, and live a healthy life without having to sacrifice all your favourite things.

Practice your A-B-Cs, because here’s the A-to-Z complete food guide to metabolism-boosting foods.

1. Almonds and apple cider vinegar – Don’t fill your pockets with it, but when eaten up to 10 everyday, almonds give metabolism a boost because of their essential fatty-acid content. And apple cider vinegar, when mixed with lemon juice, honey or cinnamon, improves digestion, increases food absorption, controls blood sugar levels, and keeps cravings in check  and also boosts your metabolism.

Foods To Help Boost Your Metabolism

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2. Beans and berries – Beans are rich in proteins, fibre, and iron that boost the metabolism, help oxygen transport to muscles, and burn fat. And berries have antioxidants in addition to all that, to help combat free radicals that cause cell damage. Having a small serving of assorted berries or beans will help you in boosting your metabolism.

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3. Celery, chia seeds, and chocolate – Chia seeds are a great source of protein, fibre, and omega-3 fatty acids, a powerful combination in firing up your metabolism. Celery is high in fibre, and dark chocolate has a high magnesium content, that stimulates adiponectin – a fat burning enzyme. Add some chia seeds to your smoothies or salads for kick starting your metabolism.

For that daytime drag, try having a some dark chocolate to uplift your mood and boost your metabolism. Add celery to soups and salads and get your daily dose of metabolism boosting foods.

Foods To Help Boost Your Metabolism

4. Cinnamon and coconut oil – Cinnamon generates heat in the body, making it automatically burn more calories throughout the day. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that are converted to energy easily and boost metabolism, as well as the functioning of thyroid gland. Both cinnamon and coconut oil can help immensely when it comes to boosting your metabolism.

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5. Fish – It is like a double shot of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that curb cravings, reduce cortisol levels in the body, and lower blood sugar levels to raise metabolism. Try and eat fish that is caught wild, rather than farmed fish.

Foods To Help Boost Your Metabolism

6. Grapefruit and green tea – Grapefruits have always been known to be good for the metabolism because of their insulin-lowering properties. Add that to vitamin C and fibre, and you have a winner.  Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate, a substance proven to boost the fat-burning process of our body by around 4 per cent, on an average. That could mean 70 calories a day; about 3 kilograms a year!

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7. Hot peppers – Any chilli pepper you name is good for your metabolism because of the capsinoid content, which increases energy expenditure by our body. They also make you feel satiated, and decrease appetite. Eat up that hot stuff!

Foods To Help Boost Your Metabolism

8. Seaweed and spinach – Both rich in fibre, they promote an optimum metabolism, and maximum fat burning. Seaweed, in addition, has iodine, that helps the body produce the thyroid hormone, which is required for an active metabolism.

9. Watermelon and water – Watermelon is feared for its sugar content but the truth is, when eaten smartly, it contains an amino acid – arginine – that is known to speed fat loss, while promoting muscle gain. Also, its high water content will make you feel full for longer. And last but not the least, water.

Water is actually the most important requirement for boosting metabolism. Increasing your fluid intake helps the body break down more fat. In cases of dehydration, the metabolism is seen to slow down. So, when you are well hydrated, your metabolism speeds up and you lose weight faster.

Foods To Help Boost Your Metabolism

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