These 5 Supplements Will Clear Up Your Acne
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These 5 Supplements Will Clear Up Your Acne

Organic Beauty
Mansi Kohli
3 min read

These 5 Supplements Will Clear Up Your Acne

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Way past the teenage years, and still struggling with acne? Let’s get your supplements right.



At some point in time, we all have suffered from acne. If you thought acne was just meant for teenagers, you’ve got a surprise coming! Adult acne is for real, people.

First, let us understand why exactly these red monsters happen. Adult acne are the multiple bumps that occur underneath your skin, leading to inflammation in the targeted area. Acne happens because of hormonal imbalances, when your oil glands work on the double, and clog skin pores. This, in turn, becomes a conducive environment for bacterial growth to happen. And as a result, we see whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and nodules appearing all over the face. However, there are supplements that can help deal with acne. So move over, antibiotics and topical creams!


1. Omega-3s – According to research, omega-3s are the best supplement if you want to deal with acne quickly. Sometimes, within days of consumption, omega-3s work their magic for clearer and softer skin, sans acne marks. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly anti-inflammatory, and are not only known to better general health, but are also a very popular way to alleviate acne, promote heart health, and lower cholesterol.  Flaxseed oil and fish are prime sources of omega-3s. Vegetarians can opt for algae, which is also an excellent source.

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2. Magnesium – When the body is low in magnesium, it leads to skin inflammation. This is why dermatologists all the world over suggest magnesium supplements, along with calcium, to bring down the amount of C-reactive proteins in the body. C-reactive proteins are the reason why inflammation occurs in the body. The use of calcium, with magnesium, is a must to bring down inflammation, and help with skin cell regeneration. Sources include dried fruits, nuts, beans, bananas, seeds, whole grains, and yoghurt.

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3. Zinc – Another supplement that superbly deals with acne is zinc. This mineral can be orally consumed, or applied topically. Past studies and research have shown the effective powers of the mineral in bringing down oil production in the skin. In addition to that, zinc, when consumed or applied, also brings down inflammation and bacterial infection. However, researchers warn against the overuse of zinc, since it can lead to copper deficiency in the body, which is why speaking to a doctor is advised before you take supplements. Try oysters, beef, veal, and pumpkin to add zinc to your diet.


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4. B-vitamins – One needs to have B-vitamins, especially B6, as it provides plenty of energy to the skin cells for repair and regeneration. This supplement is a must to help the skin against sebum overproduction and inflammation. This is why B-complex is needed every day, which is a great way to combat premenstrual and hormonal acne.


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5. Probiotics – Probiotics help in creating good bacteria that aid in the digestion of food, and the absorption of nutrients. Not only this, probiotics are a great way to reduce the irritation on your skin. Probiotics are especially beneficial for those who have been suffering from acne, or have been on medication for too long, because of which the skin can erupt. Probiotics can help get the skin back to its supple and smooth form. Include sour pickles, yoghurt, and cheese in your diet.


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