World Obesity Day: top 10 weight loss foods
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World Obesity Day: Top 10 Weight-Loss Friendly Foods From Across The World

Vallari Sharma
3 min read

World Obesity Day: Top 10 Weight-Loss Friendly Foods From Across The World

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We’ve compiled a list of top 10 weight loss foods and tips from across the world.

Tired of trying fat diets to lose weight? Looking for some tried and tested tips to get back in shape? Well, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 weight loss foods and tips from across the world.

1. Poland: Eat more home-cooked food  

By asking you to eat more home-cooked food, we’re not asking you to increase your diet, but to avoid eating out, as much as possible. Most restaurants and fast food joints use frozen vegetables and meat and usually the food served at these restaurants are high in fat and salt. Moreover, as the food isn’t prepared in front of you, you can’t be sure if it’s hygienic enough. Having home-cooked food isn’t only a healthier and hygienic option, but it also helps you save a lot of money. According to a survey, Poles typically spend only 5 per cent of their income on eating out. Whereas, Americans spend 37 per cent of their income on packaged food and food items from restaurants and fast-food joints. This explains why obesity is so rampant in the United States.

2. Germany: Eat your breakfast like a king  

If you’ve been to Germany or have friends who’re German, you’ll know how seriously Germans take their breakfast. 75% Germans have breakfast daily. And no, breakfast for them doesn’t mean just having a bagel or grabbing a coffee from a cafe. They sit and have a hearty meal which consists of important nutrients. While nutritionists have been emphasising on the importance of breakfast since eternity, in a recent study, it has been discovered that if you skip breakfast, you crave high calorie foods.

weight loss foods

3. Thailand: Keep it spicy  

Thai food isn’t only the tastiest, it’s also one of the spiciest. We all know that chillies burn fat and speed up your metabolism, but most of us are not aware that having spicy food also makes you eat your food slowly and when you eat your food slowly, the chance of overeating is low. A pinch of paprika can go a long way. It can make your food tastier and help cut down those extra inches. Don’t shy away from it.

4. Mexico: Honey and cinnamon tea  

Yes, this Mexican weight loss hack is as delish as their food. And guess what? Preparing it is seriously a child’s play. Just add half a teaspoon of cinnamon into a cup of boiled water, let it cool, and then add one teaspoon of raw honey. Have this twice a day. Have a cup of honey and cinnamon tea half hour before breakfast, and another one, half hour before bed; and in a month’s time you’ll see a difference in your body.

5. Switzerland: Munch on muesli  

It’s not been long since Muesli made its way to the Indian market, but Swiss people have been gorging on it for ages. They have it for breakfast and even as a light evening snack. Since muesli has a high fibre content, it takes time to digest and this keeps you fuller for longer. While muesli is readily available everywhere, many a times packed muesli is high in sugar. It’s best to prepare muesli at home. Internet is flooded with its recipes. Check them out after you’re done reading these best weight loss tips from across the world.

Foods to lose weight

6. Russia: Grow your own food  

Almost every second house in Russia has a kitchen garden and that’s one of reasons behind their envious looks. Vegetables and fruits available in market are full of pesticides and many other waxes and chemicals. These chemicals often lead to hormonal imbalance, which leads to weight gain. A few nutritionists are of the opinion that non-organic vegetables and fruits available in the market do your body more harm than good. A great way to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients and you don’t consume chemicals in your meal is to grow your own food. It’ll be healthy, organic, and gardening is so much fun, peeps (and burns calories)!

7. Turkey: Parsley  

We know you love it as garnish and have it regularly, but that quantity might not be enough to help you lose weight. To reap full benefits, you need to consume it like people in turkey do- have parsley tea. Just chop and add a little parsley (about a quarter cup, per mug) into boiling water, let steep for about 10 minutes, strain, and drink. This tea not only works as great detox drink, and reduces bloating, but is also packed with vitamins A, K, and calcium.

natural weight loss foods

8. Japan: Don’t miss out on your power nap  

Japanese might be one the most hard-working people, but they don’t compromise on their power nap. Most workplaces and schools in Japan have a dedicated napping time of 15-30 minutes. Napping not only refreshes your mind and body, but when you’re sleep deprived, the levels of leptin hormone, responsible to make you feel full, go down. As you feel hungry, more than you should, you eat more, this leads to an increase in weight.

9. Brazil: Tapioca

This Brazilian weight loss tip is as fun as Brazilian's nature. It involves eating yummy carbs like tapioca. Tapioca known as sabudana in Hindi is not only toothsome, but it’s also low in sodium and is gluten- free! Since it’s a slow digesting carbohydrate, it keeps you fuller for longer. So, don’t limit sabudana treats just to the days of Navratri and indulge in them more often! You might just drop a kilo or two (just by eating). Fun? Isn’t it?

weight loss foods

10. India: Get twisted  

From Shilpa Shetty to Kareena Kapoor Khan, yoga has transformed lives and bodies of many Bollywood divas! It not only calms your mind and is great for your skin and hair, but it also is an amazing exercise for those who’re looking for a smart way to lose weight. In fact, in a recent study, it was discovered that yoga practitioners have lower BMI than other exercisers. Moreover, yoga is known to release stress, and balance the imbalanced hormones, both of which contribute to weight gain.

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