Technology And Its Effects: Help Or Hindrance?
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Technology And Its Effects: Help Or Hindrance?

Preeti Chima
3 min read

Technology And Its Effects: Help Or Hindrance?

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Too much of anything is bad, and technology is no exception. Remember to not let the bad side win.

It’s amazing how much the world has shrunk in the last 2 decades. Technology has made it happen in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We’re now so connected with each other, that it feels like we’re sitting and talking to one another face-to-face. We are so wired, we’re literally eating, breathing, and sleeping online!

Which one of us can say we don’t spend a considerable amount of our time online? It’s become an addiction (not a very healthy one)! I realised this when I was sitting at a coffee shop the other day. At all the tables (except one where there was an elderly couple), everyone was sitting in twos or in larger groups, but instead of speaking to one another, seemed lost in their phones! It’s ironic how one can be so busy texting or chatting on their phone while sitting in complete silence with someone right next to them…

I realised I was guilty of this addiction too, when my 7.5-year old caught me checking my phone while starting to drive. It took her sweet voice to wake me up and realise that I would never forgive myself if something happened to her just because I had to check some message that could wait a little while. But driving and texting isn’t the only health hazard that technology has brought with it. There are so many more things that have changed in our lives and that affect our health due to technology. The bad:

Stilling our lives – We’re constantly on the move, fighting for every second in our lives, while paradoxically, we don’t move at all! Sadly, though, this is us. We’re using technology to do so much for us that we have almost completely stopped getting up and doing things for ourselves. Everything is becoming automated. We’re constantly in a state of limbo when we have our phones/tablets in front of us. There’s always one last email to answer, some picture to click like on, some incredible online sale that’s ending in 2 hours…you get the picture.

Zombie, baby – It’s so convenient to get children to eat their meals with the TV/iPad on in front of them, isn’t it? How many kids do we even see out on playgrounds these days? Everyone has something electronic to keep themselves busy. The result? I see families and their children sitting like zombies, with each one’s eyes stuck to their respective screens. It’s no wonder obesity levels are at their highest in the world today, and fitness levels at their worst.

But technology doesn’t have to be equated with the devil – there are plenty of good things that technology can do for us. The good:

A learning tool – It can be used to teach children and adults who’re unable to travel, about different cultures of the world, while sitting in the comfort of their own homes.

Ease in communication – It can be used by families in different parts of the world to communicate with one another.

Save the environment – Offices are cutting down on pollution levels by having video conferences instead of flying people all over the place for meetings.

Fitness help – Technology is being used as a tool to track one’s exercise progress.

Workouts made fun – There are fun dance videos out there for kids and adults to put on and just get moving. Remember the 80s and those Jane Fonda aerobics videos we’ve all exercised to? I actually train some of my clients who travel a lot, through video calls!

Sure, technology can be labelled a health hazard, but it can also be a huge help. How we use it is up to us.

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