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Dia Care Churna - 100 gms

Powder of (Jambubeej , Neem bark, Guduchi , Methi seeds, Karela, Gudmar, Kariyatu, Amla, Mamejava, Saptarangi, Sagargota, Harde, Nagod mul , Gokshur , Jethimadh, Jiroo , Haldi , Dhania, Kalijiri, Black salt , Shuddha Shilajit , Pippali , Mari , Sunth, Ashwagan

Gurmar Powder - 1 kg powder

Gurmar Powder

Gurmar Powder - 100 gms

Gurmar Powder

Karela Powder - 1 kg powder

Karela Powder

Karelahills - Value Pack 700 caps

Karela extract, Karela powder

Karelahills 60 cap

Karela extract, Karela powder

Jambu Beej powder - 1 kg powder

Jambu Beej powder

Jambu Beej powder

Jambu Beej powder

Jambuhills - Value Pack 700 caps

Jambuhills Value Pack- It is a Value Pack of 700 capsules . It has Jambu beej extract and Jambu beej powder.

Jambuhills 60 cap

Jambu beej extract, Jambu beej powder

Diabohills - Value Pack 900 tabs

Gudmar, Karela, Amla, Jambu Seeds, Bivala, Guduchi, Mamejawa, Belpatra, Haldee, Trikatu

Diabohills 60 Tablets

Gudmar, Karela, Amla, Jambu Seeds, Bivala, Guduchi, Mamejawa, Belpatra, Haldee, Trikatu

Diabohills Kit

Diabohills (Gudmar, Karela, Amla, Jambu Seeds, Bivala, Guduchi, Mamejawa, Belpatra, Haldee, Trikatu) + Jambuhills (Jambu beej extract, Jambu beej powder) + Karelahills (Karela extract, Karela powder)

Shea Magic - Smoothing Body Oil

Shea butter in oil | non greasy dry feel deep moisturising blend with Detox Basil and refreshing sweet orange oils. Use this 100% natural and nourishing moisturiser instead of lotions loaded with chemicals. Its super moisturising and non greasy oil blend.

Divine Cocoa - Body Butter

A heavenly concoction made of raw & pure cocoa butter w/nourishing oils that deeply moisturise & soothe dry skin. It's great for chapped hands, feet, knees, elbows and even lips. Use as belly butter as it helps to prevent stretch marks too!

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Tag: Health

Yogini Of The Hour - Mrinalika Bhanjdeo Lakshmi Devan
2018-06-21 04:32:004 min read

Her life mantra is—“Yoga isn’t just about the physical; it’s a way of li

Lakshmi Devan
21 Jun 20184 min read
An Expert Advice On Diet, Crooked Teeth And Braces surina sehgal
2018-06-18 11:12:003 min read

A beautiful smile is the key to a confident and pleasant personality. Nobody wan

Surina Sehgal
18 Jun 20183 min read
The Workout Smoothie Pooja Duggal
2018-06-06 12:20:001 min read

Sweet, creamy (and healthy)!

Pooja Duggal
06 Jun 20181 min read
Before You Eat Your Next Meal Straight Out Of Plastic Packag Lakshmi Devan
2018-06-05 07:25:0018 min read

To date, about 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been manufactured- most of

Lakshmi Devan
05 Jun 201818 min read
A 42-Year-Old Man Saves Lives of 7 People By Donating His Or Lakshmi Devan
2018-05-25 17:26:003 min read

Jeeva Sartakathe, the body promoting organ donation under the Government of Karn

Lakshmi Devan
25 May 20183 min read
What A Nutritionist Has To Say About Intermittent Fasting Kejal Sheth
2018-06-12 11:21:003 min read

Intermittent fasting is goal-specific and not a type of fad diet.

Kejal Sheth
12 Jun 20183 min read
WHO To Adopt Digital Health Initiative By India Vallari Sharma
2018-05-29 09:42:002 min read

Digital health technology has a huge potential for supporting Universal Health C

Vallari Sharma
29 May 20182 min read
What Your Mouth Says About Your Gut surina sehgal
2018-05-18 05:34:004 min read

So the gut is like a long conveyor belt that takes the food from the mouth and p

Surina Sehgal
18 May 20184 min read
WHO Lists Essential Tests To Cut Premature Deaths Vallari Sharma
2018-05-21 12:36:003 min read

At present, there is a dearth of diagnostic services which leaves many people un

Vallari Sharma
21 May 20183 min read
Here Are 5 Ways To Workout Without Stepping Out This Summer Vallari Sharma
2018-06-22 07:39:003 min read

“It’s too hot outside to workout” should no longer be an excuse.

Vallari Sharma
22 Jun 20183 min read
A New Form of Diabetes Discovered In India By MedGenome Scie Lakshmi Devan
2018-05-21 12:22:003 min read

The significance of diagnosing monogenic forms of diabetes like MODY is that unl

Lakshmi Devan
21 May 20183 min read
Nipah Virus Confirmed In Kerala After 3 People Die. Should You Be Worried? Lakshmi Devan
2018-05-22 07:58:004 min read

“Nipah virus (NiV) infection is a newly emerging zoonosis that causes a severe

Lakshmi Devan
22 May 20184 min read
These Simple Tips By Kareena Kapoor And Rujuta Diwekar Will Parul Gupta
2018-06-13 11:28:0014 min read

The new mama of Bollywood along with her nutritionist and dietician Rujuta Diwek

Parul Gupta
13 Jun 201814 min read
जानें ह्रदय रोग से जुड़ी मिथ्याओं और सच्चाइयों को Lakshmi Devan
2018-06-14 06:39:0053 min read

दिल की बीमारी, स्वस्थ जीवन, हृद

Lakshmi Devan
14 Jun 201853 min read
As A Fitness Trainer, This Is The Advice I Give To My Clients On Nutrition, To Help With Healthy Weight Loss Preeti Chima
2016-12-07 12:01:006 min read

We all have that one friend who shed a lot of weight, and then started claiming

Preeti Chima
07 Dec 20166 min read
Did You Know That Donating Blood Is Good For You? Here's Why Lakshmi Devan
2017-06-13 06:25:003 min read

A selfless act that actually comes with (secretly) selfish reasons. We are letti

Lakshmi Devan
13 Jun 20173 min read
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