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Kuvings Cold Press Juicer (B1700)

With its 76mm wide feeding tube, you can easily insert whole fruits without chopping them. Along with making juices, it can also make sorbets and smoothies. Its patented cleaning technology helps to clean the machine effortlessly within minutes.

Darjeeling Turmeric Green Leaf Chai

Harvested in early spring in the biodynamic tea estate of Sivitar, Darjeeling-only the choicest of tea leaves and buds are picked and blended with Organic Turmeric to remind you that our granny was always right, a cuppa of turmeric chai cures it all.

Healing Combo WELLNESS Chais

Tea heals in each brew… At Radhikas Fine Teas, each tea has a purpose.. From the moment you wake up to bedtime, there is a tea that awakens, relaxes, calms and cures. From spices to fruits, flowers to leaves, A cuppa of well being for you in our Organic Chai

Assam Mukhwas Black DIGESTIVE Chai

Harvested in the organic estate of Jamguri, Assam only the choicest of tea leaves and buds that could go well with organic red rose petals are, plucked and processed to give you a strong, romantic aftertaste.

Darjeeling Green Herbal Leaf DETOX

Harvested in the biodynamic estate of Sivitar, Darjeeling-a selection of tea leaves and buds are chosen and blended with organic Tulsi and Liquorice to give you a healing blend of Darjeeling Tulsi Liquorice tea.

Darjeeling Kashmiri Kahwa DETOX Tea

When saffron, organic spices and almond slivers are blended with the finest tea leaves from the biodynamic tea estates of Sivitar, Darjeeling-you get the traditional tea preparation of Kashmiri Kahwa.


Sip in the spirit of The New Year with a cup filled with hope and celebration. Indulge in this bespoke plantation fresh brew made with the finest organic Assam Leaf from the Jamguri Gardens of the pristine Himalayas, seasoned for the festive.

Exotic ANTI-AGEING Value Selection

Our value pack helps you taste each leaf before you buy 10 flavours All whole leaf Give you a taste of 2 cups per flavour

Assam Masala INVIGORATING Chai

From the gentle undulating terrain of Jamguri situated in Golaghat district - the high quality belt of Assamese tea, only the choicest of leaves and buds are plucked and blended with authentic spices from Kerala to give you a tea experience.

Darjeeling Green Leaf ENERGY Tea

Unique, earthy, that is Darjeeling the Champagne of teas for you. Harvested in early spring in the "Organic" tea estate of Sivitar in Darjeeling - the choicest of leaves and buds are plucked to give you the finest of superior First Flush Green Leaf.

Darjeeling Black Leaf WAKE-UP Tea

Harvested in early spring in the biodynamic tea estate of Sivitar, Darjeeling-only the best selection of tea leaves are plucked to give you the finest Darjeeling Black tea ever. Mountain Fresh, Himalayan notes in a cuppa indeed.

Connoisseur Combo LUXURY Leaves

An ode to the lover of teas. You know your leaf. You love that perfect brew. So a salute to you. We offer the finest collection. Our value combo pack has single estate leaves of Darjeeling from White to Oolong to Green and a premium Kashmiri Kahwa .

Romance Combo HAPPY Blends

This series has romantic brews.. That create happiness, love, tenderness and warmth, with each sip. Curated to signify the beautea of teas and tisane. Each leaf, from the moment you whiff it to the final Infusion you taste, leads to a state of bliss.

Darjeeling White Leaf QUIET MOMENT

Planted with some of the finest Chinary bushes and a specific combination of climate and soil, only the youngest of tea buds are plucked and packed to give you the finest and most premium First Flush Darjeeling White Tea.

Darjeeling Oolong Leaf ENERGY Tea

Oolong is known as the champagne of teas in China as it is processed such that the finish gives the best of both green and black leaf.

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Tag: hair

Weekend Haircare: 3 Home-made Hair MasksMansi Kohli Mansi Kohli
2019-03-23 03:57:002 min read

Fresh from nature, now a gorgeous mane is only 3 hair masks away.

Mansi Kohli
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Multani Mitti For Skincare This SummerTeam healthhunt Team healthhunt
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There’s a reason why multani mitti is our favourite face pack, no matter what.

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Like everything in life, haircare also should be done within logic. Wash it too

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Winter Haircare: Tips To Save Yourself From Lice Or Fungal InfectionsTeam healthhunt Team healthhunt
2018-12-22 06:58:002 min read

Share your thoughts, food, drinks, rides, feelings, and good fortune...but never

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22 Dec 20182 min read
Balding Woes: What To Do If You’re Going BaldTeam healthhunt Team healthhunt
2016-11-17 12:55:005 min read

Hair loss can often be a deeply troubling experience. Here’s how you could bid

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17 Nov 20165 min read
Top 8 Remedies For Hair GrowthAnjali Nayyar Anjali Nayyar
2019-04-20 12:22:003 min read

Whether it is due to contaminated water, improper diet, excessive hair loss, or

Anjali Nayyar
20 Apr 20193 min read
A Hair Transplant Surgeon Tells You About The Ideal Diet For Luscious And Strong HairDr.Vinod Sonawane Dr.Vinod Sonawane
2018-07-27 06:55:002 min read

Hair transplant, diet, luscious hair, strong hair, food items, green leafy veget

Dr.vinod Sonawane
27 Jul 20182 min read
Hair Me Out: Hair Care Mistakes You Need To Fix Right AwayLakshmi Devan Lakshmi Devan
2018-10-06 05:47:192 min read

Want to do something good, but end up doing more bad. Oops.

Lakshmi Devan
06 Oct 20182 min read
14 Health Benefits Of CoconutTeam healthhunt Team healthhunt
2019-01-17 09:24:002 min read

Miranda Kerr is nuts about coconuts, and we’re a big fan of her smooth, glowin

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17 Jan 20192 min read
Laser Hair Removal Treatment: How It Works?Dr Sruthi Gondi Dr Sruthi Gondi
2018-10-18 08:45:143 min read

Be it human beings, technology or medicines, everything has evolved over the pas

Dr Sruthi Gondi
18 Oct 20183 min read
Castor Blaster: What The King Of Oils Can Do For YouParul Gupta Parul Gupta
2017-06-22 06:28:002 min read

Seems like we’ve all forgotten about castor oil, and need a little reminder.

Parul Gupta
22 Jun 20172 min read
Try This Trick For Beautiful LocksTeam healthhunt Team healthhunt
2019-04-13 04:30:002 min read

The good ol' 'champi' can never go out of style, and so is the case with this tr

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13 Apr 20192 min read
7 Natural Skin Recipes To Brighten Your SkinAyala Saunders Ayala Saunders
2018-12-04 12:33:002 min read

Important factor that contributes towards bright skin is use of natural, nutrien

Ayala Saunders
04 Dec 20182 min read
Here's How You Can Make Your Own Natural Hair CleansersTeam healthhunt Team healthhunt
2018-10-03 11:19:002 min read

There is wisdom is shunning expensive shampoos and conditioners in favour of nat

Team Healthhunt
03 Oct 20182 min read
With Love From Morocco: The Truth About Argan OilDevika Pathak Devika Pathak
2016-12-19 12:20:007 min read

Morocco, home to some of the greatest spices, beaches, and architecture, has som

Devika Pathak
19 Dec 20167 min read
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