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Soulmate Mini-Series Part IV: Understanding Why Your Soulmate Came Back

Will the person who you consider your ultimate love, your soulmate, come back? Are you the soulmate of your soulmate?

If you've read the third part of this mini-series on soulmates, you know the story of my friend Anne, who’s (still) taking time to get over being rejected by someone who she thought was definitely her soulmate. I wish this was a piece on the happy ending to her story, but it’s not. Although, it will hopefully be enlightening for those who’ve been pleasantly surprised by the return of their soulmate.

Why soulmates return.

  • They’ve been away for as long as it’s taken them to balance the accounting books of their personal karma. This can entail a wide variety of situations/tasks: gaining clarity on other relationships (ending them if necessary), spending alone-time pursuing their professional/self-development goals, setting the foundation stones for milestone activities (new house/new job/new fitness levels), healing/forgiving themselves and others, thereby attaining new levels of mental wellness etc.
  • Even if this journey of achievements/improvements isn't complete to the desired levels, they’ve realised that you have a bigger contribution to make to the process than they’d realised earlier.
  • They left you at a time when you were destined to balance your personal karmic accounts alone, and are now back at a time when you’re destined to work on yourself with their advice/support/presence.
  • You were always meant to end up together, and after all the ‘tests’, here you are!

How to communicate with soulmates on their return.

  • Avoid dramatic accusations. It's easier said than done, but sarcasm/finger-pointing/passive-aggressive language will only cause both of you to shut down.
  • Keep discussions positive and action-oriented. For instance, “Aren't you excited about your promotion?”, or “How do you think I should go about selling my house?”. These sound so much better than, “I suppose life will revolve around your work with this new promotion, like it always has”, or “You relocated to Mumbai suddenly 3 years ago, so I suppose you're the expert on how to go about selling a house”. These examples also show you that you should avoid going into the past. Build anticipation for the future by living in the now.
  • Direct your attention towards building each other up, doing what you can to help each other where/when possible. This will remind you constantly that soulmates meet/reunite because their energies vibrate on the same/a similar plane. It’s necessary to synchronise your energies, so that your thoughts/actions/daily decisions/emotions synchronise. This increases the chances of you remaining together, and not separating because of differences in opinion/lifestyle/circumstances.
  • If the situation calls for it, take the mutual interaction easy to begin with. Don't overdo the talking/meeting. The idea is to revive and re-energise your mutual connection, not kill it by saturating each other and leaving nothing to look forward to.

You're happy to have your soulmate back! Express gratitude, sending any feelings of happiness/love out into the Universe; because it's going to manifest in your lives sooner or later. Nobody’s perfect. Your reunion with your soulmate should remind you of this, so that you can develop greater levels of patience/empathy with each other’s flaws. Again, the idea isn't to join 2 incomplete ‘halves’, it is to beautify/empower individual spirits that have their own unique identity and quota of karma.

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