Here Is What You Need To Keep Your Skin Looking Young
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Here Is What You Need To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Organic Beauty
Anjali Nayyar
3 min read

Here Is What You Need To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

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Miranda Kerr’s favourite; the secret behind great skin all over the world.

Coconut oil is nectar for the skin – an oil that has numerous beneficial effects, when applied to the skin and hair. Unlike many oils, coconut oil is absorbed faster by the skin, and it has fats that help to smoothen the skin. Furthermore, this oil has antimicrobial qualities. The presence of fatty acids such as lauric acids, and capric/caprylic triglycerides in coconut oil prevent infections and boost immunity. Let's find out in what ways we can utilise coconut oil for our beauty.

  • Scrub and moisturise – The oil from coconut mixes well with grainy substances to make an excellent exfoliating mixture. The oil cleans and soothes the skin after the grains have scraped away the dirt. Also, body butter made from coconut oil happens to be a great moisturiser for all skin types.
  • Beautify your face – Coconut oil contains vitamin E, which helps to smoothen wrinkles and crow's feet. Those who do not have oily skin can use coconut oil on their face as an anti-ageing lotion. This oil can also be used as a night cream, especially when you are sleeping under the drying breeze of the air-conditioner.
  • Protect your skin from the sun – Coconut oil can also double up as a sunscreen. In hot and humid coastal areas, where coconut trees abound, people apply coconut oil to protect their skin from the sun! It is always better to use natural substances than chemicals, for such purposes.
  • Smoothen your heels – Often long hours of standing, and dusty and dry weather give us rough feet and cracked heels. Coconut oil is one of the best treatments in case of cracked heels. Apply this oil on the affected area every day and see the difference.
  • Soften your lips and hands – Chapped lips are a bother, and are unattractive. Rub coconut oil on your lips off and on, especially during dry weather, to keep them hydrated. This goes for the hands too. Rough manual labour chaps the hands. Keep some coconut oil handy for the soft touch!
  • Keep your skin healthy – The overall health of the skin can be maintained with the help of coconut oil. This oil can be used for skin problems like acne, eczema, etc. The antiseptic properties of the oil kill infection, and the proteins present heal skin tissues.

Coconut oil is also wonderful for hair care. This oil is a cure for all sorts of hair troubles, and can be used regularly for a headful of healthy hair.

Now all you need is unadulterated, organic, virgin coconut oil to keep your skin smiling, and your looks striking!

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