(हिन्दी) Reasons To Be Happy On Being Single On Valentine’s Day 2018
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10 Reasons You Should Be Happy You Are Single On Valentine’s Day

Lakshmi Devan
4 min read

10 Reasons You Should Be Happy You Are Single On Valentine’s Day

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I’ve often wondered what the entire Valentine hullabaloo is about. Why did we decide to celebrate love as a singular occasion of the year? What happens to the other 364 days?

Shouldn’t we rather just take Valentine’s quota of love and proffer it to our loved one(s) throughout the year? Aren’t we tired of the same clichéd rose-propose-chocolate-teddy-promise-hug-kiss routine?  I see my friends losing sleep, hair, appetite, and happiness for the fear of disappointing their other half. Crazy, right? I don’t even know if Valentine’s Day is a good thing or a bad thing anymore. But keeping all rants aside, if you end up feeling sad, angry, worried, ashamed, stressed, lonely, envious, or nervous around the Valentine’s, year after year, then it’s time I give you a fresh perspective. Are you ready?

Here are 10 reasons why you should thank God you’re single this Valentine’s Day 2019:  

Your wallet won't suffer for love.

While couples are wasting their money on stuffed animals and overpriced set menus, you could be spending that moolah on yourself. How about an online shopping spree? How about ordering a colossal amount of fries and enjoying it while watching your favourite action movie? Chuck clichés, am I right?

Never a better time to plan a sleepover with your buddies.

Get a ton of chocolate, bucketloads of wine or beer, and chill out with your pals at home. Be like this uber-cool anti-Valentine’s squad or a simply uber-cool squad that cares nothing for Valentine’s Day. Use this day as an excuse to do your thing!

You can save yourself a whole load of clichéd cringe.

Roses? Cards? Giant soft teddy bears? Beautifully wrapped cheap-but-sold-as-expensive chocolate? No thanks!

You can celebrate the fact that at least you’re not with the wrong person.

Okay, so Mr/Ms Right hasn’t arrived yet on a horse or a plane or in a cab (whatever floats your boat), but at least you

know that if he were to turn up at your door tomorrow, you are non-committed and, hence, totally free to welcome him/her straight into your arms. Who doesn’t like a life without complications?

Do what you love doing most—the eye-roll!

I know your friends hate it when you do that (and you cannot help it!). So here’s what you should do: You should just save up all your eye-rolls for this golden day. Then on 14 February, roll your eyes away at everyone holding hands and kissing and being mushy. Ewww, ain’t nobody got time for that!

You’re under zero pressure whatsoever.

People seriously need to stop taking one day so seriously that by the time the day arrives, they’re completely mentally and physically exhausted to do anything! Plus, let’s not forget that arranging a date with fairy lights, a full blues band, champagne, food, etc. (you know the drill), takes a LOT of money. It’s unfair to expect anyone to do that for you, especially when a whole month’s hard work in the arrangement will last only a few hours! It’s okay if someone wants to do it of their own accord, but the awful part in that is that these days everyone is feeling pressured to do so. It’s difficult to tell who really wants to do it and what poor soul does it because he/she thinks it to be a sort of rite.

Like, there was literally no better day to look pretty for yourself!

That mani-pedi you’ve been procrastinating? That cake you never got to baking? That wardrobe update you never got to make? That DIY face mask you never put on? Do it on the 14th! If the whole idea is to celebrate love, then it’s only fair that you celebrated the love you have for yourself! This is the perfect thing to do in case all your friends are committed (eye-roll) because you don’t have to rely on anyone to make yourself feel like an absolute badass.

You get to be the one who rose above commercialism.

Let’s just take a moment and admit that ‘V Day’ is just a grand marketing scheme that people can’t resist but fall into year after year. But not you; you, my friend, are above it all. You’ve achieved nirvana of sorts.

Celebrate where in life you are right now.

Maybe just a couple of months ago your long-term boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you. Maybe you’ve never dated anyone and cannot wait to know how it feels. Maybe you’re busy focusing on your career or family and don’t have the time for a relationship. In all cases, use this day to reflect on your life, on the beautiful place you are in, everything you’ve achieved and all the odds you’ve defied, on what a wonderful human being you are, and on all the lives you have impacted even if in a small way. Celebrate the most important thing—YOURSELF. Make this a day of spirituality and gratitude.

Bonus reason!

You can focus all your attention on the REAL reason we all like February: Pancake Day! Pancakes and waffles can never disappoint you or break your heart…and they are a perfectly legitimate reason to finish the whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate syrup in your refrigerator in case you’ve been single for too long. *wink*

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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