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What Ketchup Is Doing To Your Children

2 min read

What Ketchup Is Doing To Your Children


Here’s what a harmless dollop of ketchup with everything is capable of doing to your children.

I was reading an article from 2011, about how the French government had banned ketchup in school and college cafeterias across the country. It got me thinking, and I got onto the task of gathering more information about our beloved ketchup. Here are some of the pros and cons of tomato ketchup:

Don’t we already know that ketchup is bad for us? It is:

  • High in sugar
  • High in sodium
  • High in corn syrup
  • Possibly contains genetically modified ingredients
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We still love ketchup because:

Helps your kids eat healthy food items, which they otherwise don't like to eat. Well, I have a child of my own, so I know how crucial this point is.

But for a moment, let's think about it a little clearly. More than what is in the ketchup (which is harming your child's system), let us try and see what ketchup really is doing to him or her.

We might all agree that ketchup is mostly not as harmful to your child as the fast food that it goes along with. But when this ketchup becomes a necessity to feed your child, that is where the problem begins. 
  • The harmful ingredients present in ketchup start going inside your child’s body a lot more, thereby having more potential to harm their system.
  • Your child’s brain picks up a familiar taste link between all the food he is eating, and the ketchup. The broccoli, the meat, the pasta, the burger, and the fries all have this common, overpowering taste of ketchup, and that's what he gets accustomed to. Now how would you expect your child to develop a varied food-tasting palate and knowledge of food, if he experiences just one dominant taste? 
I agree that it is one tough task to be a parent, and avoiding ketchup is a sure shot way of making things tougher. But by doing this, over time, you will help your child evolve into a person who enjoys food, and is more open to exploring new cuisines. 

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What you can do
  • Replace your regular ketchup with one that is low in sugar, sodium, and is non-GMO.
  • Try and limit your child’s ketchup intake to maybe once or twice a week.
  • Treat it like a delicacy to make it even more enjoyable, while also keeping things pointed in the right direction for your kid. 

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