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Top 5 Dietary Tips To Increase Fertility

Devika Pathak
4 min read

Top 5 Dietary Tips To Increase Fertility

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In the last few years, infertility has grown several times, as our diets have gotten more adulterated and full of junk.

Studies and researchers have concluded that taking care of your diet could be one way to increase fertility. Making very specific changes to your diet can help in planning for pregnancy, and then to ensure a healthy pregnancy. As with any change we make to our bodies, nutrition plays a big role in having a healthy reproductive system.

While antioxidants help protect our bodies, the foods we eat provide the building blocks for hormones, and help support reproductive efforts. Though your diet may be ‘healthy’ in the conventional sense, a diet aimed at reproductive health and fertility may be slightly different.

Here are our top 5 dietary tips to increase fertility:

  1. Go organic – The pesticides and chemicals found in the food we eat are endless, and incredibly difficult to understand. The best way to avoid the damage these chemicals can cause is to eat as much organic and untouched produce as you can. In India, it is not always easy to find organic produce. However, nowadays, specialised food shops have started keeping an organic section, while more and more local farms are also starting to grow organic vegetables.

  1. Got milk? – Dairy gets a bad rap sometimes, but women’s bodies need calcium to maintain and improve reproductive health. Studies have shown that even as little as 1 serving of whole milk a day can decrease your risk of ovulatory infertility. If you can ingest about 1 gram of calcium per day, either through supplements or dairy, tofu, fish, and other sources; you can ensure higher fertility. Yoghurt is an especially good food.
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  1. Good carbs – These days, everyone is talking about complex or ‘good’ carbohydrates (who knew such a thing existed?), which take longer to digest, and don’t spike up insulin levels as quickly as bad carbs like white rice, refined flour, cookies, and cakes. Studies have also shown that higher insulin levels are linked with lower ovulation, so it makes sense to stock up on complex carbohydrates like brown rice, natural grains such as oats, along with fruits and vegetables to not only increase fertility, but also to keep your weight down.
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4. Trans fats – There’s been a lot of talk about the damage trans fats do to our bodies, and about encouraging companies to create foods without trans fats. Commercial snacks and baked goods, including French fries and animal products, usually contain high levels of trans fats, unless otherwise mentioned. These are also major culprits in spiking up insulin, and creating metabolic disturbances that can affect fertility. Look for packets that say ‘zero trans fats’, and stick to more natural sources of energy.

5. No soy – Avoid soy products, unless they are fermented. Miso and tempeh are good to go. However, soy contains oestrogen-mimicking properties, which can tamper with hormone levels and hence, with fertility. Stay away from edamame, soy milk, and high-energy protein bars. If you do end up having soy, make sure it is non-GMO.

Although there is no surefire way to increase fertility, a general movement toward better health and nutrition never hurts, and can be beneficial. More physical exercise is also a great way to prepare your body for pregnancy, help you avoid injuries, and help with any physical issues you may face through those important 9 months.

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