What Is A Hyper Sex Drive?
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5 Conditions That Can Lead To A Hyper Sex Drive

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

5 Conditions That Can Lead To A Hyper Sex Drive

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How horny is too horny? Yes, that is a thing.

Too much of anything can be as bad as too little. Anything.

Most people understand that while a low sex drive may not be a cause of concern right away, if it persists, it may lead to low self-esteem, feelings of guilt, withdrawal, lack of intimacy, despair, and may cause irreparable damage to relationships, in the long term. To the person experiencing it, it may lead to a complete loss of confidence, confusion, anxiety, or even depression. And so we read articles after articles, and see ads after ads about capsules/syrups/tablets/powders/magical potions that help boost sex drive and improve sexual function.

But not a lot of people know about hyper sex drive. Most of us would think, “Oh, what’s the harm in wanting a lot of sex? This is such an orthodox concern”. But believe me when I tell you that an overactive sex drive isn’t a traditionalist’s creation. A little daydreaming about your partner is okay, but when sexual thoughts begin to preoccupy you and dominate your life, then the issue must not be shrugged off lightly anymore.

Symptoms of a Hyper Sex Drive:

  1. A persistent, uncontrollable urge to have sex, which may or may not bring any pleasure.
  2. Using sex as an escape from real life problems.
  3. Illegal, inappropriate sexual behaviour.
  4. Indulging in risky sexual behaviour that puts one’s life at risk, despite knowing the consequences.
The presence of one or more of these symptoms may mean that there is a problem, one that will require medical intervention. Though we don’t have sufficient research at this point to say that we understand the condition wholly, the impact of the condition is imaginable:
  • Relationship/interpersonal issues.
  • A loss of interest in everything.
  • Difficulties at work because of constant distraction.
  • Trouble with the law.
  • Low self-esteem and depression.

Keeping these ramifications in mind, here are a few diseases that are believed to have a link to an abnormally overactive sex drive:

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Image source: https://www.greenhousetreatment.com/

  1. Bipolar disorder – Characterised by extreme mood changes, switching between the manic phase and the depressive phase, hyper sexuality has been observed in people during the manic phase. In such cases, treatment for bipolar disorder itself is known to help the hyper sexuality.
  2. Dementia – A well-known journal called Advances in Psychiatric Treatment discusses how people with dementia are known to exhibit sexually inappropriate behaviours, such as exposing themselves, shouting obscenities, masturbating in public etc. Both the sexes are equally affected, and as the disease progresses, hyper sexuality gets more severe. Treatment for dementia has been seen to have mixed results for hyper sexuality – some report relief from it, while others experience no change.
  3. Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) – PGAD and hyper sexuality are difficult to distinguish between and separate. It is enough to say that they are conditions that often exist in a complicated convolution. Restricted to women, individuals with this condition constantly feel sexually aroused, and find no relief from climaxing. Intense feelings of arousal can last for days or weeks, and can completely take over their lives. The treatment is often a combination of antidepressants, hormonal therapy, anaesthetising gels, and behavioural therapy.
  4. Klüver-Bucy syndrome – This rare neurobehavioural condition stems from brain damage and causes a variety of symptoms, one of which is inappropriate sexual behaviour. There are no cures known for the syndrome, but some improvements can be achieved through therapy and medication.
What Is A Hyper Sex Drive
Image source: http://www.bbncommunity.com/

5. Sexual addiction – A person with a sexual addiction has an overactive sex drive, and is obsessed with sex. A mental disorder that is much like any other addiction, sexual addiction may start innocently as an addiction to masturbation or pornography, and may progress to increasingly dangerous behaviours, like unsafe sex with multiple partners.

It must be obvious by now, but hyper sexuality is never a condition that exists on its own. It’s merely the way for a disease to manifest itself. Therefore, with timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment of the primary condition itself, hyper sexuality can be cured/controlled/relieved, and normal life, resumed.

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