Planning A Sugar Detox? Here's How To Do It Right
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Planning A Sugar Detox? Here's How To Do It Right

Team healthhunt
3 min read

Planning A Sugar Detox? Here's How To Do It Right

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Need to get down from that sugar high? Here are 5 effective ways to cut out sugar from your life.

It’s an instant karma kind of thing. Eat some sugar, and in all probability, it will go straight to your hips. Weight aside, there is a reason why sugar is labelled white poison, given how it impacts your blood pressure, overall health, and other organs, in the long run. Been bingeing? Here’s how you can pull the sugar plug, and still stay sane.

  • Go cold turkey – Much like giving up smoking, sugar requires you to make a clean break. Eliminate all types of sugar, additives, and foods that contain hidden sugars, in order to reduce cravings, and boost your flagging metabolism. Give up on packaged foods and grains as well for the initial 2 weeks, to get your body used to the lack of sugar or its substitutes.
  • Eat more protein – Doctors suggest that if you have a diet rich in protein, chances are your sugar levels will be stable, and you won’t experience sudden cravings. From eggs to fish, chicken to all other forms of vegetable protein, stack up your plate, especially first thing in the morning, if you want to keep away from sugar.
  • De-stress, and get more sleep – If you are stressed, chances are you will reach for a bar of chocolate, or a bowl of ice cream. The same goes for those low on sleep. Try and stay calm, do some meditation, and get adequate sleep, so that your body feels well-adjusted, and you are not in a hurry to snack on the first sweet thing you see.
  • Keep a snack handy – Like any other addiction, the sugar habit can get hard to break. Be prepared to slip up, and when you do get a craving, instead of heading to the first pastry shop in your line of sight, ensure you have a stash of healthy snacks at hand that will stave off the sugar bug. Nuts, seeds, and unsweetened fruits often do the trick.
  • Water to the rescue – The best trick to stave off a sugar craving is to keep water handy. Whenever the urge to coat your mouth in sugar arises, have a glass of plain water first. The reason this helps is that most of the times, we confuse thirst with hunger or cravings, leading us towards the unhealthy stuff.
  • Give alcohol, high-sugar fruits a miss – Alcohol contains a ton of sugar, which can be extremely harmful for your system, especially if you are attempting a detox. Give it a complete miss when on a sugar detox. Also remember, that just because fruits contain natural sugars, you cannot binge on them. After all, fructose is a type of sugar, and it could derail your detox plan. In the initial phase, it pays to eliminate high-sugar fruits, such as mangoes, lychees, and bananas, from your diet as well. You can continue to consume fruits that are low in sugar, such as berries and kiwi, in limited quantities.

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