Oral Sex During Your Period: Yes or No?
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Oral Sex During Your Period: Yes or No?

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

Oral Sex During Your Period: Yes or No?

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Period sex, as it is, is frowned upon.



“No way, Jose.”

Men and women often want to stay far away from the “crimson tide”, let alone face it, literally. But scientifically speaking, if you have wondered whether oral sex during your period is a good idea, then I bring you answers.

How safe is it?

If the person on periods- the “receiver”- doesn’t have any STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), then in theory, oral sex during periods should be safe. However, there are several factors that come into play.

Are you in a monogamous, stable relationship with this person or is this a chance encounter? If not diagnosed, then are there chances of the person having an undetected STD? Do you have a cut or an open sore in your mouth?

Sexually transmitted diseases like HPV, HIV, and syphilis are blood-borne and highly contagious during periods. These pathogens can be transmitted through period blood, even if the infected recipient is wearing a tampon or menstrual cup, oral sex during periods is a bad idea.

How clean is it?

It’s not for the weak-hearted, I’ll tell you that. If proper hygiene is maintained and certain tricks followed, then it doesn’t have to always look like a murder scene, but for the newbies, it still might be an unsettling experience. The “giver” should be prepared for some unpleasant odours that are normal during periods. The taste will also change to a metallic tinge because of the iron in period blood.

Should you go for it?

A woman will menstruate roughly 450 times in her life, for a total of about 2500 days. For some women, these could be the best 2500 sex-addled, gratifying days of their lives, while for some others – these are days they spend hermetically sealed inside their rooms, far from duties and responsibilities, far from human civilisation…recharging their batteries. Some women are immensely aroused during their periods and crave sex 24*7, while the other chunk prefers to just be left alone on a desolated island for the week with a hot water bag and a large bowl of chicken soup.

Some men have confessed to having a taste for the blood. There’s even a term for them in the community – ‘bloodhounds’. Some other men wouldn’t mind penetration, but would find oral sex during the time to be a little confronting. Then, there are men who don’t want to get that adventurous at all and maximise the non-menstruation days of the month. Therefore, I cannot answer the question for you. It entirely varies from person to person, but my two pennies would certainly be – try it out before you jump to a conclusion.

And while you’re at that, here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  1. Sexual intercourse (with or without oral sex) can help alleviate cramps, thanks to the endorphins unleashed.
  2. Period sex (including oral sex) can be 3 times more pleasurable for some women because of how sensitive they are down there, during the time.
  3. As you obviously know by now, the whole talk about period blood being impure is absolute BS.
  4. Sperm can stay up to 5 days in the vagina, so it’s all the more important to use protection when you’re having sex during periods.
  5. Period blood is actually a great lubricant.
  6. If you don’t want to make a mess, you can just do it in the shower, so you keep getting clean as you go.
  7. Wondering what position to consider for the deed? Well, I recommend the missionary position with a towel or bed sheet under the woman, with a pillow elevating and supporting her back. From personal experience, this position is a fool-proof method to minimise mess and maximise pleasure.

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