The Number Games: Your Ideal Partner, According To Numerology
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The Number Games: Your Ideal Partner, According To Numerology

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Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap
3 min read

The Number Games: Your Ideal Partner, According To Numerology

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Unlike words, that can mean more than one thing, numbers only speak the truth.

It would be better if opposites didn’t attract, although we’ve predominantly believed in the reverse. Dealing with the like-minded means you waste less spiritual energy – you don’t have to explain too much, and the altercations aren’t many, because you understand each other. Often, this is learned the hard way, so it feels as though matters of the heart, soul, and the Universe at large, can be a complex endeavour.

Not so much, if you count amongst your friends the politely formidable Zorian Cross – tarot reader, numerologist, astrologer, and psychic medium. Also a member of the healthhunt council, an award-winning actor, playwright, and theatre director, all the Universe is a stage for Zorian.

Recently, Zorian hashed out the basics of numerology and compatibility for me. Here are some key points from my idiot’s guide to Cupid’s antics and numerology:

  • The art/science of numerology gives you a Psychic Number (also called Personality Number), and a Destiny Number.
  • Your Psychic Number is your date of birth. Your Destiny Number is your entire date of birth, reduced to a single number.
  • Odd numbers should stick with their kind, ditto for even numbers. This is a general guiding principle, and applies strongly only if you’re studying the matter with intensity, and wish to go into detailed depths.
  • Exceptions to this rule are 4s and 8s. They shouldn't ideally be together. Consider this essential.

For instance, my date of birth is October 8th, 1986. My Psychic Number is 8. My Destiny Number is 8+1+0+1+9+8+6, which equals 33; which, reduced to a single digit, is 6.  

Each number is influenced by a heavenly body. 1s and 2s are governed by the Sun and the Moon, respectively. 3s are under Jupiter, 4s are influenced by Rahu (Vedic texts) or Uranus; 5s by Mercury. Whilst 6s are governed by Venus, and 7s by Ketu/Neptune, 8s come under Saturn. 9s come under Mars.  

This explains why 4s and 8s shouldn't be together. Rahu amplifies any energy it comes in contact with. Saturn tries to create a stable ground to handle its karmic burdens, and Uranus tries to shake it. 4s are tough nuts to crack, and easily misunderstood. “Think of the 4s as people way ahead of their time, forced to live amongst those who just can’t catch up. So 4s can either lead others forward along with themselves, or go all rogue/anarchist”, says Zorian.  

Whether compatibility should be assessed by comparing Psychic or Destiny Numbers, depends on which ‘lens’ you want to view the relationship through. To understand your relationship dynamics at a personal level, you compare Psychic Numbers. To figure out compatibility between ‘pre-destined programming’, you look at Destiny Numbers – I mean, they’re called ‘Destiny Numbers’ for a reason! Zorian also finds that a couple with psychic number compatibility tends not to have a deeply-rooted connection – more of the ‘it was good whilst it lasted’ variety. Destiny number compatibility sometimes brings together ‘extreme’ pairings. The couple might love each other to pieces, but are quite capable of tearing each other to pieces too! Turns out, you can help shape your destiny, eh?

Word of caution:

Such guidelines are nuggets of information, that are more for tasting than for digestion. In less poetic language, it’s best to not obsess over them, or take a textbook approach with them, to decide who gets to stay in your life. Remember that you're interacting with people. Like you, destiny might have shaped them as per a karmic blueprint.

Whether they have karmic debts to pay, or are on the brink of freedom from such debts in life, how they go about it is largely determined by their intentions, and exchange of energy with you. Closing doors on avenues of interaction, or cutting people off, reduces chances of meeting people who’re on the same karmic journey as you.

And where do you think you’re going, without your own kind?

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