If Your New Year Resolution Is Joining A Gym, Then Here's The One You Must Join
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If Your New Year Resolution Is Joining A Gym, Then Here's The One You Must Join

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

If Your New Year Resolution Is Joining A Gym, Then Here's The One You Must Join

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How many of you, like me, resolve to join a gym and get healthier every year and then fail? Well, at least we’re not alone.

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Surveys claim that gyms and fitness centres see an average hike of 20-30% in new memberships around December and January. And why not? New year, new you, right?

I appreciate you for trying and here’s what I think – Do not quit on yourself! 2019 is going to be the year that you finally meet the fitness goals you set for yourself, because this year there’s a new “F-word” you need to learn.


As New Year approaches and I get closer and closer to my dream gym, I decided to interview Peterasp Mistry from the F45 team, to understand more about the brand. I hope that this interview helps you
  1. With group training and functional workouts available at almost every facility these days, what makes F45 different?
Peterasp:  We identified an opportunity to deliver premium personal training services in team-based boutique studio environment.
  1. The facilities are highly systemised, feature integrated technology in the form of wall-mounted video workout demonstrations, and strive to be beginner-friendly.
  2. F45 offers members all year round 8-week challenges. These are scientifically superior, three-phased nutrition programs designed to help members cleanse their systems, reverse hormonal imbalances, lose body fat, and increase lean muscle over an 8-week period.
  3. It features a FREE nutrition portal that includes meal plans, recipes, goal tracking systems and lifestyle blogs, designed and written by our team of global nutrition and health experts, to educate members and enhance results.
  4. Outside of challenge mode, members have access to maintenance meal plans to maintain their newly defined physique. The great thing about the F45 is no challenge is ever the same, with different meal plans and recipes, each round. Therefore, members may save the meal plans they love and continue using them.
  5. The workouts feature no machines, no mirrors, no powerlifting or technical lifting, and no egos! F45 features the most dynamic and effective training styles to date, in the format of 45 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) circuits.

2. Tell me more about HIIT. I’m sure the readers would want to understand better.

Peterasp: HIIT training stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which involves periods of high-intensity activity and less-intense activity, to even a complete rest. Research has shown HIIT training is more effective in burning fat, when employed for 15 minutes, few times a week, as compared to running on a treadmill for an hour every day. This is because:
  1. HIIT training causes your heart rate to shift between 70-90% and 60-65% of the maximum heart rate.
  2. Along with a shifting heart rate, metabolism speeds-up considerably with this style of training, due to the production of the anti-ageing human growth hormone (HGH) for 24-36 hours after class.
  3. In fact, according to a study there is 450% increase in HGH after high-intensity sprint and increase oxygen consumption by 50% more than other styles of training, which contributes to the increased calorie burn after a workout and simultaneously, increased lean tissue growth.

3. Tell me a little about yourself

Peterasp: I love a challenge and don't like to sit still. I have a bit of an ‘all or nothing’ personality and can be a brutal perfectionist at times.

4. What do you do now?

Peterasp: I am head coach and manager at F45 Training, Juhu

5. What inspired you?

Peterasp: Childhood obesity was probably my greatest motivator. I loved sports, but wasn't a good athlete. This probably always spurred me on to try and achieve new physical feats for myself and move ahead on my own personal fitness journey.

6. How is F45 better than any other established gym chain in the country?

Peterasp: F45 certainly puts the fun in functional team training. It's a great motivating environment for people to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to aid better performance and day-to-day functionality. Incredible energy, dynamic programs and adrenaline pumping music, like you've never experienced before! It is something that Mumbai had never seen and over three years F45 has already established more than 35 studios all over the country. In 9 months, the Juhu studio has got over 300 members, all addicted to the awesome atmosphere and crazy results.

Image source: https://www.byrdie.co.uk/

7. What are F45’s future plans?

Peterasp: F45 is certainly here to stay and grow and we are looking at opening at least another 3-4 studios in Mumbai, in the very near future. We want to provide a premium fitness experience to as many people across the country, as possible.

8. Why F45 Juhu?

Peterasp: Choose F45 Juhu because firstly, it's the flagship studio in Mumbai. Secondly, it’s at a central location in one of the newest buildings in Juhu. It's a great opportunity for anyone in the fitness industry and exciting for our whole team to start and grow with one of the leading and the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world today!

So, what do you think? If you’re in Mumbai, don’t think twice!

This article is a sponsored feature for F45 Juhu.

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