Have You Heard About MovNat: Movement Training For Motion and Exercise?
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Have You Heard About MovNat: Movement Training For Motion and Exercise?

Dr. Khoobsurat Najma
6 min read

Have You Heard About MovNat: Movement Training For Motion and Exercise?

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The key to staying healthy is to move well and regularly. One of the ways to accomplish this is by trying MovNat exercise program that works by engaging natural, easy body movements throughout the day.

One of the most essential aspects of staying healthy is that you move regularly and move well, not just by doing your daily exercise, but throughout the day. The key to staying healthy is to move well and regularly. One of the ways to accomplish this is by trying MovNat exercise program that works by engaging natural, easy body movements throughout the day. Our bodies have been designed to move, we spend most part of our day sitting. On an average a person spends between 10-13 hours sitting every day. This added with the 8 hours of daily sleep leaves you with just 3 hours when you are physically active. In order to stay fit and healthy you should be spending not more than 3 hours sitting and try and stay active for the rest of the day. Most of the young adults spend too much time sitting in their workplace and then wile commuting to and from work. This can have hazardous consequences on health and overall well being.

By making small but regular positive changes like use of standing desks, one can try and get rid of sedentary lifestyle. Some people think that going to the gym is the solution to counter the harm that sedentary lifestyle causes. But studies suggest that regular workouts cannot reverse the harm caused by sitting for the rest of the day.  The idea here is to use the body to its fullest potential throughout the day, by incorporating movements like bending, jumping, stretching and utilizing the full range of motion and agility that comes naturally. In today’s fast paced life, most of us have lost touch with the natural movement abilities of the body. This is where MovNat can help you immensely.

So, what exactly is MovNat?

MovNat The principle behind MovNat is that today’s humans are suffering from call "zoo human syndrome," a caged-animal type that is cooped up all day that results in aches and pains, lack of vitality and aggravates stress and depression. In order to get out of this caged lifestyle, you need to let your body reclaim its right to move naturally.

Movnat focuses on real life practical body movements that go beyond cardio and strength training that you are used to. The movements include climbing, lifting and throwing objects and jumping over obstacles, The makers of this fitness program are of the opining that conventional fitness programs tend to compartmentalize strength training and cardio while as MovNat program focuses on movement based exercises, which go way beyond conditional movements like push ups, balancing and pull ups.

Humans are designed to climb a tree, lift a log of wood, and balance themselves on a tree branch. But what the conventional programs focus on is functional things that involve only limited movement.

physical exercises for movnat

Prefer Locomotive skills over Manipulative Ones

As per MovNat, the basic locomotive skills like walking, running, jumping and hopping are vital to stay healthy since our bodies have been crafted for these movements and by mastering these movements instead of the programmed and manipulative skills ( like lifting weights) can help in achieving holistic fitness. This makes a lot of sense since by following MovNat, you would have to be persistent and make conscious effort to move your body efficiently each day of your life. Once you have mastered these skills, then you can easily follow the manipulative skills of conventional workout programs.

Focusing just on the conventional way of workout will eventually reduce your ability to use your strength for practical purposes and will also increase your risk of injury. The priority should be the ability to use your body well. MovNat encompasses ian amalgamation of basic as well as challenging formats of letting the body move naturally. By following the Movnat program, one can experience a dramatic improvement in mobility, stability, movement skills, balance, focus and applicability of the strength you already possess.

Try And Get Back To Your Natural Movements

Is it no surprise that many people hate the idea of training on a cross trainer or doing those bicep curls in the gym. This is because although the movements are natural in these exercises, these types of programmed movements are not. All species of animals have movements that are specific to their needs.

Humans too have species-specific movements, too, but unfortunately most of us have lost touch with them. This is where MovNat comes in, by helping people attain physical competence by using progressively challenging movement skills. Most of these movements can be practiced anywhere be it a park or a playground. You can also designate a space in your backyard or home to use your MovNat gym.

The program is pretty simple and straight forward. The first week starts rather easy with a dead hang, side swing and forearm hangs, gradually moving towards side swings, forearm pullups, forearm hand knee tucks and weighted forearm pullups in the later weeks. The idea is to gradually introduce progressively challenging goals in a natural and efficient manner.

  • Week One: This involves active forearm hold : hang for 10 seconds
  • Week Two: This involves performing two perfect low-to-medium forearm pull-ups in a row
  • Week Three: This involves performing  five low and then medium forearm pull-ups in a row, followed by one low-to-high forearm pull-up
  • Week Four: This involves performing one tuck pop-up successfully at the end of the week

Better Movements Means Your Mind And Body Feel Free

The core of MovNat's foundation is that your body and mind will feel free and the movements will help in calming your senses.  Thanks to the social media, most of the people believe that fitness is about looking fit and not feeling fit. The focus there is on burning calories, keeping a count on calories and pushing the body to its extreme limits, just to look good. Sadly these results are mostly cosmetic and the whole idea of fitness is blotched. This kind of an approach is way too mechanical and can cause impoverishment of our true potential. MovNat, on the other hand, focuses on natural movements that require to practice mindfulness to strengthen your body gradually and naturally. The makers of the program are of the opinion that movement is one of the first expressions of experiencing freedom. Our bodies have forgotten how to move freely and efficiently due to years of neglect coupled with unhealthy eating. These factors lead to slow and gradual mental and physical degradation, without you even being aware of it.

Science has proven that exercise is linked to happiness and reduced rates of depression. Even the non-exercise activity is linked to countless psychological health benefits. In a study conducted in over 10,000 people, data was collected from their mobile phones (including data from accelerometers on their phones). The study found that more physical activity ( both exercise and non-exercise) was linked to increased happiness.

How Can You Start The MovNat Fitness Program?

You can look up the internet and check out if there are any Movnat programs going on in your area. However, this is not the only way to incorporate this program into your life. Make sure you include walking as daily habit. To this add squats or lunges to get better results. Whenever you walk through a door, stretch your arms high up so that touch the door jamb and pause for a second. This is one essential motion that most people miss. You could also do overhead squats while watching your favorite TV show.

Another great idea is to pick up a simple 6-foot-long PVC pipe for doing overhead squats. Try to restrict use of couch and keep using other areas to sit like the floor or best, try and stand more often. If you have a playground closeby, give monkey bars and swings a try. You will be amazed at the number of possibilities that you have once you choose moving. The key is to move as much as you can, in as many ways as you can and as effectively as you can. In the Movnat program you could learn about not one but 7 ways to climb a horizontal bar. This kind of endurance level and physical competence eventually leads to what we call true whole body fitness. But this can only be achieved through regular, purposeful and efficient body movements With MovNat, for instance, you can learn not one or two but seven ways to climb a horizontal bar. This is the type of physical competence that leads to true whole-body fitness, but it can only be gained with regular, purposeful movement. As the makers of Movnat put it:

“The approach of Movnat is basic, simple and effective. But it is essential that for more progressive forms of natural movements you use proper assistance and guidance, so that you get the best results and at the same time avoid harming your body. 

By having adequate knowledge, following the right technique, practicing mindfulness, and co coordinating movements efficiently you can achieve the optimal levels of mental and physical fitness.”

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