5 Star Moms, And Their Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Stories
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5 Star Moms, And Their Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Stories

Mansi Kohli
2 min read

5 Star Moms, And Their Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Stories

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Caution. Major inspiration ahead.

So, as a newbie mom or a to-be mom, if you often wonder how celeb mothers get into their pre-baby shape post having a baby, then this read is meant for you! The trick lies in not getting obsessed with numbers, and treading the journey with a spoonful of patience, the right diet, exercise, and adequate sleep. Let us take inspiration from some of our favourite celebs:

1. Eva Mendes – She went on record to say how taking care of herself and eating right helped her get back into shape. She wasn’t someone who panicked endlessly, just because she couldn’t fit into her original jeans. The 40-year-old, who welcomed daughter Esmeralda Amada in 2014, was known to stick to a high-protein and low-carb meal plan. She drank more water than ever, and only ate when she felt hungry, without resorting to too much of snacking and mid-meal bingeing.

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2. Mandira Bedi – Apart from gaining a whopping 22 kgs of weight, Mandira has been one toned, svelte-figured Bollywood icon, who is known for her washboard abs. After giving birth to her baby boy, Vir, Mandira went on to adopt a holistic approach towards fitness. She is a total stickler for breastfeeding, and believes that it is the number 1 way to burn calories. She is totally against rapid weight loss, and has followed a regular workout session.

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3. Kim Kardashian – If you could have a curvy body like Kim Kardashian after giving birth to 2 kids, then maybe all newbie mothers should look forward to losing weight after child birth! Kim has been known to embrace the changes that pregnancy brought about, positively – something that also helped her to get into the right frame of mind. She reportedly gained 70 pounds during her second pregnancy. She is known for following a strict Atkins 40 plan, where she eats 1,800 calories of protein and healthy fats each day, with no extra addition of sugar.

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4. Shilpa Shetty – One of the sleekest and much-admired figures of tinsel town, Shilpa achieved the feat of losing 20 kgs within just a small span of 10 months. Not only this, it was only after the birth of her son Viaan that Shilpa initiated her venture of fitness and yoga DVDs – another way to stay motivated to achieve her pre-pregnancy figure, we reckon!

5. Jessica Simpson – The revered singer Jessica Simpson welcomed her second child, Ace, in 2013. As a follower and spokesperson of Weight Watchers, she is known to opt for a practical weight-loss approach. The 33-year old Hollywood star even had the perfect motivation for losing weight, as she was planning to get married to retired NFL player Eric Johnson.

pasted image 0 (15) If these celebs can owe their post-pregnancy fit bodies to a holistic lifestyle post pregnancy, which includes eating right and exercising well, so can you. Remember, nothing is unattainable, and no goal is too far – just be patient, and follow it steadily!

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