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6 Reasons Why Masturbation Is Good For Your Health

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

6 Reasons Why Masturbation Is Good For Your Health

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If you were to believe what researchers have to say, then masturbation is the need of the hour! My friend, if you haven’t given yourself some me-time, then here’s why you should lock the door and get to it. ASAP!

“Masturbation: The sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal, usually to the point of orgasm.” – Wikipedia

When I read that, I was so confused. I thought I was doing it wrong all my life. Why do they have to make it sound so boring?! All of us will define masturbation differently, depending on what purpose it serves for us. If you ask me, masturbation is when you decide to not depend on anyone, and start enjoying touching yourself, pampering your body, quivering with pleasure, having your fantasies come alive, right there, right then; finally reaching the wildest of orgasms known.

The best part is later, when there is no awkward conversation, no escape out of the window, no regrets the next morning. One could follow a session up with a huge tub of ice cream, or a fourteen-hour nap – the world is yours. Not only is masturbation pleasurable, but it turns out that masturbation is associated with some surprising health benefits.

So, make sure you have one hand free to pat yourself on the back and feel proud, when you get ‘handsy’ next time.
  1. Good news for men: Masturbaton prevents prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and improves sperm motility and immunity – It is normal for disease-causing toxins to build up in your uro-genital tract, and masturbation helps you get rid of these villains and residual sperm, which lowers your risk of prostate cancer and increases sperm motility, respectively. Masturbation is also an effective exercise for your pelvic floor muscles, that otherwise will lose their tone and function. Try and rub one out at least 4 times a week, and you’ll never face erectile dysfunction.
    Masturbation boosts cortisol levels in the body, to get to the minimum that is required. Even though cortisol is notorious as the stress-hormone, it actually works to keep your immune system sharp.
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2. Good news for women: Masturbation improves cervical health, relieves cramps and menopause symptoms, and helps prevent UTIs – When you masturbate, your cervix opens upon climax, and releases mucous that has friendly bacteria. These bacteria help in ridding the vaginal tract of any disease-causing microorganisms, improving cervical health, and keeping UTIs far away. Orgasms also increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, and help with menstrual cramps.

3. Masturbation acts as a healthy dose of ‘feel-goodness’ – The University of Michigan’s study in 2009 showed how orgasms lead to a release of dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin in the body, which make you feel good, and lower cortisol levels (if they are on the higher side). A high cortisol level is known to lead to stress-eating, cravings, and weight gain. Thus, one could conclude that masturbation is easily the most pleasurable way to stay healthy!

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4. Masturbation prevents you from binge eating– High levels of oxytocin also mean happy feelings, which keep emotion-triggered food cravings away. So, you won’t reach out for those cheese crackers or that six-pack of doughnuts. All you have to do is choose to touch yourself, instead of touching a cheese burger.

5. Masturbation helps to increase the libido – When you masturbate more, you start fantasising more; and when you fantasise more, your body starts anticipating sex more. A study revealed that day-dreaming could lead to a release of testosterone in your body, naturally raising the libido, and making people better in bed.

Benefits Of Masturbation

Masturbation is good for body image and general health – Masturbation has been linked with higher confidence and a positive body image, and why not? If you know your body so well, and know what you want in bed, why wouldn’t you be confident? Through masturbation, you are also strengthening your connection to your body.
And in women, regular masturbation has been seen to lower risks of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
What more reason do you need to get it on? Go give yourself some love!

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