Listen Up, Boys:The Complicated Woman Is Actually A Gem
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Listen Up, Boys:The Complicated Woman Is Actually A Gem

Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap
3 min read

Listen Up, Boys:The Complicated Woman Is Actually A Gem

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“The best kind of women are the complicated kind, because you can never truly get to know them until you understand what they are NOT saying.”

Ah, the complicated woman. Favourite punching-bag of many. I can understand why a person would shy away from a complicated person. It’s human nature to ‘take a shortcut’, and not expend unnecessary energy.

The so-called complicated woman is grossly misinterpreted, though. And I'm passionate about clearing the air. What people refer to as complicated, is in reality, purity of thought and transparency of action.

Complicated women talk too descriptively and for too long, because their own thoughts and feelings aren’t compartmentalised in their minds.

Uh, not true. They express themselves the way they do, because they’re in tune with what they’re thinking and feeling, and know themselves well enough to express that articulately. This is naturally a problem for those who aren’t as skilled. Describing such women as ‘complicated’ is a classic case of projecting one’s own shortcomings on the other.

Complicated women are confrontational and responsible for causing domestic and professional disturbia.

Not to be confused with the pathologically fighter-cock variety. Complicated women appear that way because they’ve put themselves through the rather ugly process of self-introspection, rather profoundly. So they end up having a pretty clear picture of at least what they don’t want, even if they aren’t sure about what they do want. 

Unfortunately, it opens up a perfectly sound and spirited woman to unreasonable amounts of critique, the worm-under-the-magnifying-glass kind. What ought to cause disturbia is this perverse type of curiosity and cowardice.

The way complicated women love is scary and dramatic.

If you’ve had the good fortune to be loved by a complicated woman, I hope it’s not too late for you to realise that it’s you who is scared; and not her being scary. As a result of the aforementioned self-introspection process that a complicated woman puts herself through, she is less afraid of your strangeness and ugliness than you are yourself. 

She has a lot to share about what she’s learned about the world through her own life, should you not be so insecure as to see that as patronising or condescending. She probably knows what it means to hit rock-bottom, so she’s going to be less fazed by the difficulties life throws at you. On the contrary, she would be a great comfort to have in terms of companionship, support, and love.

Yes, the complicated woman is actually simple, like quantum physics is, when you know what you’re doing and what you’re looking for. When you’re clear and logical yourself.

Quantum physics isn’t for everyone. And what do we call the quantum physics experts?

Smart. We call them smart. Nerdy? Yeah...just like it’s easier to call a simple woman complicated.

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