Reasons To Take Up Sports Today
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The Benefits of Playing Sports That Are Guaranteed To Inspire You

Mansi Kohli
3 min read

The Benefits of Playing Sports That Are Guaranteed To Inspire You

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Play tennis, football, soccer, baseball, badminton, skating, surfing, kabaddi, or even kho-kho. Play it for the pure love of it, for the fantastic health benefits or for both.

So you love watching sports? Go crazy during World Cups, do you? Doesn’t matter if they’re football or cricket, yeah? But is it too much effort for you to get out of that comfortable seat and actually go out and play? Well, get up…because people who play sports tend to get much more than fit! Time and again, history has shown that people who excel in the field of sports not only tend to prove their mettle in the battlefield as brave sport soldiers, but are also likely to achieve many respectable laurels in life.

Benefits of playing sports:

The benefits of playing sports transcend all lines between physical, mental, and emotional health. Let’s talk about how each of those facets of our health is impacted positively by sports. Let’s start with the benefits of playing sports, on our physical health:

1. Strengthens heart function:

When you play sports, your heart pumps faster in order to meet your increased oxygen requirements. This little exercise for your heart helps in strengthening heart function and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

2. Lower risk of stroke, cholesterol, and diabetes:

Thanks to sports, a healthier heart comes with a reduced risk of stroke, lower LDL levels, and a diminished risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

3. Reduces blood pressure:

Cholesterol deposits in the arteries like plaque, partially blocking the vessels and leaving little space for blood to flow. This leads to high blood pressure, as your heart is working overtime to pump the same amount of blood through the narrowed spaces. Naturally, since sports helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels, it can automatically lead to a reduction in blood pressure.

4. Builds muscle strength and endurance:

Muscles get stronger with training. Therefore, runners have sturdy lower bodies and boxers have robust upper bodies. Playing a sport that involves active movements would naturally build muscle and endurance.

5. Boosts immunity:

For several well-known reasons, moderate physical exertion has been known to give the immune system a boost. It is believed that sports and other physical activities can help the body flush out pathogens faster, while inhibiting the spread of any infections inside.

6. Relieves insomnia:

Any form of exercise, which obviously includes sports, triggers an increase and subsequent decrease in body temperature that promotes good sleep. Similarly, researchers also believe that sports help the body stay in deep sleep, the most restorative phase of the sleep cycle, for longer.

7. Intelligent children:

Do you want to have intelligent children? Well, who doesn’t! Studies suggest that playing sports regularly (or practicing any other form of exercise) can do wonders to your kids’ brains. Read more here.

Reasons To Take Up Sports Today


Beauty benefits of sports:

You read that right. Playing sports can actually make you prettier! We’ve covered the subject in detail. Click here and read it.

Mental benefits of sports:

The mental benefits of sports are also accompanied by numerous emotional and social benefits. Just to list a few:
  • Playing a sport is one of the finest sources of recreation. It provides relief and a sense of relaxation in your life, by breaking away from the monotony and the hustle-bustle of daily life.
  • Sports instil in us a sense of discipline, while boosting healthy competition and feelings of togetherness.
  • Sports also make us understand the value of time. When all that hangs between your team and victory is a fraction of a second, is when you actually realise the value of time.
  • One learns to be daring and adventurous, while getting a hands-on education in risk-taking capacity, which will further help in channelising energy for future endeavours.
  • It helps us in making leisure time worthwhile.
  • By providing stimulation, playing a sport is a fun way to use your energy and vitality.
  • Not only this, whether kids are viewing their favourite sport in a live arena, on the TV, or on the laptop, it has a lifelong impact on them. They learn mathematical concepts related to scoring, like bowling scores, cricket averages, their favourite player innings, and football yardages. Playing the sport will only reinforce all of these.  
  • It also helps in injecting a sense of sporting spirit, which teaches you to not only win, but also to lose in a healthy way.  
  • It helps in boosting the idea of team spirit and teamwork, a trait that is extremely useful while climbing up the corporate ladder, and is an important part of life in general as well.
  • Many studies have, time and again, revealed that children who tend to play more sports are less likely to get into drugs, alcohol, or smoking.
  • Adults, on the other hand, might learn how friendships can really be centred on healthy and enjoyable activities – all this, while gearing towards an active lifestyle.
  • Sports sees no genre, age, or income bar; it treats every individual equally, without discriminating among people – a characteristic trait that many other recreation activities might not promise.
  • Viewing games and sports matches together with family and friends tends to facilitate a healthy emotional bond. It also helps in improving conversational skills, as it helps in putting forth your opinion in a straightforward and upfront manner. Now imagine watching of one of your own playing the sport...the bonding, adrenaline rush, and happiness will just be at another level.
  • Lastly, people who play sports tend to have a higher level of self-confidence. While playing a sport, you are constantly practising, improving yourself, and working towards achieving your goals. You always dust off your last defeat, and gear up to use your energy towards future opportunities.
Reasons To Take Up Sports Today

Disadvantages of sports:

Benefits of playing sports

According to Daniel E. "Dan" Doyle, the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for International Sport and author of ‘The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting’-
  1. “A few sports foster a culture of violence. Such a misguided culture too often spills over into barbaric acts in and out of competition, and also produces a copycat reaction among some impressionable young athletes.
  2. Sports can chip away at a child’s self-esteem. A child who falls short of athletic goals or who perceives that one is valued only for athletic ability may lack a sense of value and self-worth off the field.
  3. The desire to win can lead some young athletes to turn to harmful, illegal substances.”
But in adults, the negative effects of sports are limited to fatigue, muscle strain, and dehydration, when overdone. All things said, there doesn't seem to be any drastic disadvantages of sports to be worried about.

By now, it is glaringly evident that the benefits of sports are endless, while the disadvantages are almost insignificant in comparison.

While all play and no study would make Jack fail in school, part studies and part playing will totally help in grooming his personality, while building a strong foundation and robust principles! Agreed?

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