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5 Natural Beauty Tips Using A Lemon

Organic Beauty
Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

5 Natural Beauty Tips Using A Lemon

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When life gives you lemons, please try out all these hacks.

It’s time to forget the lemon in lemonade, or in aloo chaat. This is the time to embrace the beauty miracle that lemon is, implement it, and applaud it. Sure, lemonade is refreshing, and chaat is just stupendous, remarkable, and wondrous; but lemon on your skin is, well...English doesn’t have an official word for it yet, but I’m basically looking for a word like ‘amazeballs’. Excuse my teen cliché. The lemon we’ve always known has been about vitamin C, antioxidants, and all that, but the latest news in beautyville is that there’s more to lemon than just the yellow-ness that meets the eye. And to summarize it,

Here are a few ways lemon can be magic to your skin:

  1. Kin to skin – That’s right. Lemon is super for your skin, especially if it’s oily. Apply it on your face and keep for a few minutes, and wash it off with plain water. Do not follow it up with any soap-based face wash, or any other product. It is advised that you do not expose your skin to the sun post-application as well, because that may leave stains on your skin. Lemon has astringent and antibacterial properties, and will eliminate excess oil, and clean skin from deep within to fight blackheads.
  2. Mark eraser – Lemon is known to work as a chemical peel, in order to naturally lighten any scars or marks on your skin. Apply it to areas you wish to lighten, and repeat daily for at least 7 days, if you want to notice a significant change.

3. Odour buster – Lemon can act as a natural deodorant and remove any little malodour from the root, while also lightening the skin in the armpits. How? Well, lemon juice will kill the bacteria growing in your armpits to curb the bad odour. To enjoy skin lightening benefits as well, mix lemon juice with oats and honey, apply this mixture, and keep for 1 hour, before washing it off.

4. Natural dye – Yay! This one is the most fun out of all. Lemon acts like bleach when exposed to the sun. Try applying a lemon juice and water mixture to your hair where lightening is needed, and go enjoy the sun for about 30-40 minutes. Follow it up with a shower and some conditioning, because lemon can dry out your hair, and voilà – natural streaks!

5. Strong nails – What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger; and lemon definitely doesn’t kill your nails. Soak your nails in a lemon juice and water mixture, and rinse with warm water. Do this once a week to strengthen nails, help them grow, and remove any discolouration.

Beauty Tips Using A Lemon

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