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Here's How To Know If You're Cheating Without Ever Physically Crossing A Line

Vallari Sharma
3 min read

Here's How To Know If You're Cheating Without Ever Physically Crossing A Line

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While the United Nations hasn’t declared ‘cheating’ as a violation of human rights, it’s probably one of the worst things you could do to someone who loves you from their heart and soul. But, also, who are we to judge?

Humans weren’t created to be monogamous after all. This dil and these hormones- always want more. Hence, it’s no surprise that we all or most of us tend to ‘micro-cheat’ on our partners, consciously, as well as unconsciously.

If you’re wondering what’s this new micro-thingy, well, certainly it’s no breakthrough invention like microtechnology, but just another excuse that could be used to fight or part ways with a lover you ‘don’t feel the same’ about anymore.

Jokes apart, micro-cheating is any act or behaviour by someone in a relationship which might indicate at infidelity or suggest to a third party that they are emotionally or physically available.

Now that you know what micro-cheating is, here is how to find if your behaviour qualifies as micro-cheating:

  1. You lie about your relationship status
While it’s only sensible to not shout about your relationship on the top of your lungs, being secretive about it just because you think it would lower your chances of getting hit on, could indicate towards micro-cheating or being open to cheating. No doubt, getting attention from the gender we’re interested in makes us feel flattered, but that same attention could make your partner feel insecure. Nobody likes to feel that way.

  1. You hide your ‘contacts’
Many a time our partners don’t like certain people in our lives. They could be your ex-lovers, your friends, colleagues, and even some of your family members. It’s also possible your partner doesn’t want you to be in touch with them. If you’re talking to these people secretly, hiding their contact number under false names, deleting messages after chatting with them, you aren’t being as truthful to your partner as you ‘ideally’ should be.

  1. You’re active on dating apps
Who doesn’t love to explore? We all do! However, if you’re in a relationship and still have a profile on dating apps, this might just be a little more than micro-cheating. As you’re straight away putting yourself out to there to get a ‘matched with’. No matter if you’re doing just for fun or social validation (swiping right on feels great, no?), if your ‘bae’ isn’t aware of it, you’re being, we would say, a tad unfair to them.

  1. You want to look good for a certain person
A certain person, other than your SO. If you tend to put an extra effort to look good when you meet that person, you’re consciously or unconsciously trying to woo them or get their ‘attention’, and there are chances this might not go down well with your partner.

  1.  You’re keeping secrets
Whether it’s about who you are hanging out with or at what time did you last check your ‘whatsapp’, if you’re hiding things from your better half or lying about them, you’re somewhere not being transparent with a person you promise to spend your life with. This could lead to trust issues and even develop misunderstandings in your relationship.

What Is Micro Cheating?

Having written that, to me, personally, the concept of micro-cheating appears very silly and shallow, and it could be because I am guilty of it, I guess we all are. But, isn’t cheating like beauty subjective? You tell.

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