Tips to Beat The Monday Blues
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6 Tips To Cure Those Monday Morning Blues

Mental Wellbeing
Parul Gupta
3 min read

6 Tips To Cure Those Monday Morning Blues

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As Friday approaches, the mood lightens up, and there is definitely a spring in your step. The weekend goes by well and by Sunday evening the thought of Monday morning puts a damper on it all. You start feeling stressed, depressed, or anxious as the work week approaches. Well, if you feel all of these you've got a case of Monday morning blues.

We all dread waking up on Monday morning. The entire week yawns in front of us with work commitments, school runs, and so much more. Your case of the Mondays could have a negative impact on your performance and productivity as well as the people around you.

So how can you beat those blues and start Monday morning all charged up and ready to take on the week?

1. Drink on Friday and Saturday:

The weekend means partying and a fair amount of drinking for a lot of people. Don’t drink on Sunday. The hangover that you could possibly nurse can mess up the beginning of your week. You want to be up bright and energised, not hungover and feeling like something the cat dragged in.

2. Treat yourself on Monday:

You know that Monday is not an easy day for you. So be nice to yourself. Start the day with eating a good, healthy breakfast. Try to include low-fat protein and carbohydrate-rich foods into your breakfast where possible. Make yourself a meal to carry to the office that will make you happy or meet a friend for a quick coffee to perk yourself up.

3. Plan ahead:

On Friday in a rush to just shut down your laptop, you may feel you can do a particular job on Monday. The weekend is beckoning after all. Unfortunately, that’s the worst thing. Monday morning plus a mound of pending jobs is the perfect recipe for the blues. Try and finish those dreaded things on Friday so that you can begin your new work week on a better note.

Beat The Monday Blues

4. Make a list of chores:

Another way to beat the blues is to plan the rest of your week. When you're organised and list down the chores and errands to be completed, you will feel better equipped to go through the week. The anxiety and frazzled feeling will not be as pronounced. You have a task sheet with you, and you'll get through it. When you’re trying to remember it all it can be extremely unnerving.

5. Unplug on the weekend:

If possible, try to avoid checking work emails over the weekend and try drawing a line between work and personal time. This will help keep things in check. When you shut down on Friday, leave your office problems there and enjoy your time off. Sometimes going back to work on Monday feels especially unsatisfying because your weekend never felt like your off-time as you kept checking your e-mails and stayed in the 'loop'.

6. Dress for success:

Wear your favourite outfit to work on a Monday. When people compliment you and you know you’re looking good, it builds your confidence and lightens your mood. Feeling good about yourself is half the battle won—especially on a Monday morning.

Beat The Monday Blues

So now incorporate these tips into your weekend, and you can bid farewell to those Monday morning blues.

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