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Here’s How You Can Get A Better Butt

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

Here’s How You Can Get A Better Butt

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The booty is back in demand, and here’s how to make sure you’re catching up with it, while looking great.

Why do I need to do anything? Because just sitting on it isn’t helping you. C’mon, history has seen butts inspire poetry and rap music, while twerking was invented just to watch that booty shake. Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Big Sean, Pitbull, The Black Eyed Peas, Nicki Minaj, and even Destiny’s Child sang about bootyliciousness.

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The bum is important because it protects your pelvic bone by acting like a protective pad, gives your spine support, and ensures good posture. But that’s not enough. I think your butt should also strain other people’s neck – when they watch you walk by. It’s okay if doesn’t quite do that now, because with this quick guide, it soon will!   
  1. 30 second rule – Not talking about eating a cupcake as long as it has been on the floor only for 30 seconds. What I mean is, don’t rush through your squats and lunges. Take it slow, giving your glutes and core a deep contraction before stabilising your spine.
  2. All day long – Do mini-workouts all day long. For instance, do calf raises when you’re standing in queue; leg extensions and lifts when you’re on a call; keep weights in your desk drawer and do ankle weights while you work on your desktop etc. Use your imagination and notice the wonder these quickies do.

3. Walk and tone – Tone your tushie while you’re walking. Yes, that’s possible. Here’s one to get you started – when your right leg extends behind you, try and stay on your left heel for as long as possible while pushing the maximum weight down firmly; feel your glutes work. When you finally lift your heels, slowly bring your other leg forward while this leg goes behind, and repeat the process.

4. Cardio booty – Cardio is good for more than weight loss. Whether you do it on a treadmill or at a park, walking at a moderate pace on a steep incline really engages your hamstrings and glutes more than simple walking. Try and do it at least 3 times a week, for 20-40 minutes each. 2 birds with 1 stone.

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I could go on and on, but a quick guide has got to be quick, y’all. Leaving you with a few exercises. I trust you to get to it right away!
  1. Squats, sumo squats
  2. Deadlifts, sumo deadlifts
  3. Lunge, curtsey lunge, reverse lunge, and side lunge
  4. Cable kickbacks
  5. Kettle-bell swings

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