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Here's How Men Can Boost Testosterone Naturally

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

Here's How Men Can Boost Testosterone Naturally

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Why? Because “...testosterone influences sperm count, muscle mass, hair growth, bone density, and several other things in a man.” And if you’re over 30 years of age, then you may want to know more.

Testosterone, the ‘macho’ hormone, is actually present in both men and women. But that doesn’t stop it from being considered the paradigm of masculinity.  That can be explained though – testosterone influences sperm count, muscle mass, hair growth, bone density, and several other things in a man. Starting at about age 30, men will see a progressive decline in testosterone levels often followed by hair loss, decreased sexual appetite, mood swings, depression etc.  But sometimes, medical conditions like obesity, metabolic disorders, testicular cancer, and diabetes; drugs or chemicals; or trauma to the testicles can result in low testosterone levels as well.

Whatever may be the cause for your T-stress, here is all that you can do to boost your testosterone naturally.

Sat fat – If you’re avoiding all fats saturated, you might have you rethink where you’re headed. (P.s.: Did you notice how that rhymed?) A lot of important hormones in the body (including testosterone) have a cholesterol precursor, meaning that these hormones are made from cholesterol, which in turn come from the saturated fats in your diet. Try and keep saturated fats to about 15-20 per cent of your total fat intake, which should be around 30 per cent of your total calorie intake. Some good sources include: olives and olive oil, coconuts and coconut oil, raw nuts, organic egg yolks, palm oil etc.

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Zinc it – Zinc is an essential nutrient (especially during puberty) in keeping male hormones in balance, and in helping in the production of testosterone. If you don’t know where to start with zinc, try oysters. Oysters are a rich source, as are beans, nuts, spinach, pistachios, and avocados.

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The sunshine vitamin – Vitamin D is not only vital for the absorption of calcium by the body, but also for healthy bones, and an active immune system. Additionally, it helps maintain semen quality, and sperm count, and boosts testosterone levels in the body. And sunlight is the BEST way to optimise your vitamin D levels, oral D3 supplements being the last resort. The ideal way to go about this is to expose your skin to sunlight, as close to noon as possible, for at least 15 minutes, till your skin turns pink.

Chillax! – If testosterone is Superman, stress is kryptonite. How? Well, because when you’re stressed, a hormone called cortisol is produced in the body that blocks the effect of testosterone. So, being chronically stressed would mean testosterone staying blocked in the body, which calls for trouble.

Herby magic – Herbs like ashwagandha and shilajit are the most recommended herbs for a natural testosterone boost in Indian medicine. There isn’t enough explanation available as to how these herbs work their magic; there is, however, solid data from clinical trials to support the theory.

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Train for testosterone – Intermittent fasting and short high-intensity workouts have been proven to kick up testosterone by increasing the expression of hormones like insulin, leptin, and adiponectin, which are known to encourage healthy testosterone actions, boost libido, and slow down age-related decline of the hormone. Mind you, long-term moderate exercise was seen to surprisingly have no effect on testosterone whatsoever. Try strength-training by increasing weights slowly, and bringing down the number of reps; or try workouts that engage a variety of muscles, instead of focussing on a particular section.  

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally?

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