Healthhunt Talks To India’s Favourite Celebrity Chef- Amrita Raichand
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Healthhunt Talks To India’s Favourite Celebrity Chef- Amrita Raichand

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

Healthhunt Talks To India’s Favourite Celebrity Chef- Amrita Raichand

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When it comes to style, passion, and effervescence, there’s truly no chef better than India’s beloved Amrita Raichand.

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From Whirlpool to Mummy Ka Magic, the world has fallen in love with Amrita, more with every new role she adopted.

In her latest role as a chef, she makes the lives of mothers easier by helping them prepare the most nutritious, yet lip-smacking foods.

In August, she won the prestigious ‘BBLUNT Most Stylish Chef Of The Year’ award at Food Food Awards 2018.

Delighted that we are to have Amrita join our women’s wellness panel at the ‘Future of Wellness’, I thought there was no better way to celebrate Amrita’s recent win. So, I bring to you an exclusive heart-to-heart with ‘the most stylish chef of the year’.

1. When did your rendezvous with cooking begin?  

Cooking came very naturally to me, as my mom was a great cook. Since she was a single working lady (my dad passed away when I was 4-years-old), I didn’t like to lose any opportunity to be with her when she was not working, and usually that would be in the kitchen. While helping her out with passing ingredients and few other odd jobs there, I automatically learnt how to cook, and one day surprised my mom with a complete “Bihari Meal” cooked by me in its entirety, laid out at the dining table, when she returned from work. I was 8 then.

2. How did you decide to turn this love for cooking into love for healthy cooking? Was it your son or Mummy Ka Magic?  

Yes, when Agastya was born, life got more exciting and wonderful in every way. Except that we modern day mums are more conscious of health and hygiene, especially when it comes to our children. Due to the same paranoia that most mothers feel today about bringing up children in the healthiest manner, I started cooking every thing for my son, from the scratch and would go to the extent of buying the produce myself, washing, peeling and cooking it in separate vessels, specially bought by me for him. Yes I know, it was a bit much and I don’t advocate that anymore, but what that did to me was a discovery of another side of my passion to cook. Earlier, I would cook for fun and now I would cook with a purpose. And that led to me converting this joy of cooking into  my career, so that I could help not just my own child, but all the children out there whose parents get stressed with “what to feed their fussy eater”.


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3. Tell us about a few healthy, easy recipes you like to prepare from time to time for your son. I'm sure the readers would love to learn a few hacks from the chef herself!  

I have a basic and simple formula, when I approach children’s food. I substitute unhealthy ingredients from the foods they love, with nutritious ones and present it to them in a way that they never find out about the secret boost of energy hidden in it.

4. Two guilty pleasures that you cannot resist and give into from time to time?

I don’t refrain from anything in extremity, as I believe in the path of moderation. So, when I really feel like having something, I do indulge in it (and those are not just 2!). But yes, I do workout a little extra the next day.

5. Your most favourite healthy go-to snacks to beat sudden cravings?

Nuts, fruits, and anything that’s natural.

6. Any hacks you learnt at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy?

I learnt a lot about the science of cooking, which is why I primarily went to do a course. Usually, we learn cooking from our elders and neighbours, but why ingredients behave the way they do, is a science once understood and of course, coupled with knife skills et cetera, helps you to be on top of your game.


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7. What's your advice to all the modern-day mommies out there who want to cook tasty, nutritious treats for their children, but don't know where to begin? Any foolproof recipes to begin with?

Don’t think of cooking as a chore. If you just enter your kitchen and explore the available ingredients and know what your child likes, you will be able to whip up your own magic, and see it unfold right in front of your eyes.

Catch the talented and beautiful celebrity chef Amrita Raichand at the Future of Wellness!

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