Haryana Bans Liquid Nitrogen In Bars And Restaurants After The Recent Cocktail Accident
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Haryana Bans Liquid Nitrogen In Bars And Restaurants After The Recent Cocktail Accident

Anjali Nayyar
2 min read

Haryana Bans Liquid Nitrogen In Bars And Restaurants After The Recent Cocktail Accident

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The country was left aghast at the incident in Gurgaon that left a man with a hole in his stomach, all thanks to the cocktail he ordered and gulped down before the liquid nitrogen could completely evaporate.

A few months ago, after gulping down a drink infused with translucent smoke, a man ended up in hospital with a hole in his stomach. Ordinarily, smoke does not end up perforating the body, but this was no ordinary smoke – it was liquid nitrogen! According to medical experts, liquid nitrogen is extremely harmful for the body if ingested, and this was proved by this accident.

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After the incident, a ban has now been proclaimed on the use of liquid nitrogen in drinks and food. Nitrogen boils at -195.8 degrees Celsius, and turns to liquid nitrogen. It is then used to instant-freeze food and drinks, apart from other uses. Liquid nitrogen can cause frostbite and cryogenic burning. “If swallowed, the gas can lead to serious internal damage, destroying tissues in the mouth and intestinal area. Also, as it evaporates, liquid nitrogen releases a high volume of gas, which can tear open the stomach if swallowed in adequately large quantities”, specifies a Chandigarh government order banning the use of liquid nitrogen in food and drinks.  

The food and drugs administration department of Haryana issued the ban on Thursday, almost a month after the news of the man rupturing his stomach wall after ingesting liquid nitrogen at a bar in Gurgaon came out. After ingesting the smoky nitrogen, the man experienced extreme pain and bloating, followed by breathlessness. He was admitted to Columbia Asia hospital, where doctors found a gaping hole in his stomach, and he underwent surgery. The man has since recovered.  

This whole incident has been a result of extreme carelessness and ignorance. The bartender serving the drink showed carelessness – he should have waited till the liquid nitrogen had dispersed before allowing the said person to drink it. “Staff at restaurants/bars serving nitrogen-based drinks and food had to undergo 7 weeks training, during which they were told to be very attentive while the drinks are served…”, explains Mrintunajay Triwari of Blue Fish Concept hospitality.

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