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How to Get Glowing Skin In Monsoon?

Organic Beauty
Datinderjeet Singh Tulla
3 min read

How to Get Glowing Skin In Monsoon?

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Glowing skin is one of the biggest assets one can have and it can do wonders to our overall appearance. But getting and maintaining a glowing skin is difficult, as most of us are not able to follow the skin regime required for getting a glowing skin.

Maintaining a glowing skin during summer and monsoon seasons is even more difficult. Your skin behaves a little strange during monsoon, as it can suddenly get oily and then turn dry and dehydrated. It is imperative to take care of your skin during monsoon. High humidity can cause many skin problems like acne, infections, rashes, spots, and pimples. This can play havoc with your skin.

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Here are a few tips that can help you get a healthy and glowing skin:

1.Eat Fruits And Vegetables

First of all, if you don’t want to experience skin problems in monsoon, you must be careful about what you eat. You should eat fresh seasonal fruits, green vegetables, and sufficient vitamins and a protein-rich diet. Fruits like papaya, guava and blackberries are rich in vitamin c and are easily available during monsoon season. They are highly recommended for getting a glowing skin. For a healthy and glowing skin, you should avoid eating spicy and oily foods during monsoon. Digestive system is usually weak in the rainy season and when we eat oily food, it puts extra pressure on the weak digestive system, leading to an upset stomach, which eventually impacts skin health.

2. Consume Right Amount Of Fluid

The other important factor that plays a vital role in maintaining a glowing skin in monsoon is the right amount of fluid intake. Water is important for digestion, circulation, and helps in removing toxins from the skin. It can even help in preventing skin breakouts, acnes, and pimples.

glowing skin in monsoon - image2

3. Use High Quality Products For Make-Up

In monsoon, the weather turns extremely humid, so while applying make-up one should be extremely careful; only fresh and high quality products should be used for facial make-up. If you have to step out in the sun, consider stepping out before noon or post 4 PM as the sunrays are less strong during this time of the day and your skin would be saved from harmful rays. Also, washing face with clean water at least 2-3 times a day is important, as it removes the germs, grime, and toxins from the face. The air quality during monsoon is relatively better and it helps in improving the glow on the skin.

4. Get Adequate Sleep

No matter what season it is, sleep plays an important role in keeping our skin naturally glowing. Sleep at least 8 hours every night for healthy and glowing skin. It is a must for glowing skin and it isn’t a myth! If you don’t sleep enough, your skin gets tired and starts sagging. There is a strong correlation between good skin and sleep and it has been proved that good sleep is essential for repairing, regenerating, and restructuring the skin.

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5. Exercise Regularly

Sweating is necessary for maintaining proper body temperature. It helps in cleansing the skin and also protects it from bacteria. When we sweat, our bodies release toxins, and some of these toxins can only be eliminated through the skin. When these toxins exit from your skin through sweat, the skin gets cleansed and glows more. In monsoon, one sweats naturally, but one should also work out. Exercise stimulates the cleansing process of your entire body and brings a natural glow on your face.
6. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Another important factor is personal hygiene. Keeping skin dry and not sharing intimate garments should be strictly followed in monsoon. Personal hygiene should be followed in other weathers as well, but in monsoon, germs can easily manifest. So, we should be all the more careful about personal garments in monsoon.

Dr Datinderjeet Tulla is a plastic, cosmetic, and hair transplant surgeon. He is also a health council member at Healthhunt.

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