The G-Spot: Fact Or Fiction?
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The G-Spot: Fact Or Fiction?

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

The G-Spot: Fact Or Fiction?

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The G-spot is like the unicorn of sex. Much has been speculated about its existence. But unlike unicorns, does the G-spot exist?

The creation of the Loch Ness monster happened in May, 1933, by Alex Campbell, a water bailiff and part-time journalist, after he wrote a report in the Inverness Courier. Soon enough, newspapers began carrying news of sightings, photos, and violent encounters, where apparently people had been harmed by the monster. Since then, the whole thing has been agreed upon as an elaborate hoax – the examinations by scientists concur. Meanwhile, some people still claim it’s real, often supporting it with pictures they supposedly clicked of an encounter with the monster.

But why am I telling you that? Because the story of the Gräfenberg spot is on the same lines. The G-spot was named so after the German gynaecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, who reported it in the 1940s. Scientists have always considered this erogenous zone homologous to the prostate gland in men. Now, it is true that the G-spot exists. But what we don’t know is whether it does what it’s said to do – give way to cathartic orgasms, female ejaculation, and what not. As of now, both men and women are trying to find it in the hopes of an orgasm so magnificent, it’s straight out of heaven.

I’m going to let you use your better judgement and decide if it exists, based on everything we know till now. Here are 5 facts for your consideration:

  1. Location, location, location – The G-spot is said to lie 5-8 cms in from the front vaginal wall, on the upper side, somewhere between the vaginal opening and the urethra. But debate still persists over the exact location, and on whether it is a distinct structure at all, or just an extension of the clitoris.
  2. Style diaries – Doggy style, cowgirl, and spooning are recommended as the best sex positions for G-spot (vaginal) orgasms.
  3. Secret secretion – In 1981, 2 case reports stated that stimulation of the now-called-G-spot-region made the area grow by almost 50 per cent, along with ejaculation of a urine-like liquid from the urethra, that was found to contain prostatic acid phosphatase, an enzyme characteristically found in males’ prostatic secretion.
  4. Which is your favourite O? – William H. Masters, Virginia E. Johnson et al. were the first scientists to discover that the clitoral structure also extends internally along the labia. They found that vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms are entirely similar in terms of the physiological response in women, and that what most women experienced was the clitoral one, occurring through stimulation of the clitoral extensions during penetration.
  5. The clit theory – Researchers at the University of L'Aquila presented evidence, through ultrasonography, that a majority of women who experience vaginal orgasms have thicker tissues in the anterior vaginal wall, later supported by a study in 2005, which concluded that some women just have more extensive clitoral tissues than others, and that the G-spot is nothing but a part of the clitoris itself.
What is G-spot?
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The truth is, we are still waiting for a final judgement, a conclusion of sorts that just ends the decades-long debate once and for all.

So, does the G-spot exist? Are clitoral and vaginal orgasms the same thing? Do women really ejaculate through G-spot stimulation? What do you think?

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