Friendship Day 2018: 6 Ways To Get Fit With Your Friends
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Friendship Day 2018: 6 Ways To Get Fit With Your Friends

Vallari Sharma
2 min read

Friendship Day 2018: 6 Ways To Get Fit With Your Friends

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True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost. - Charles Caleb Colton

Friendship and good health are one of the most prized possessions, and should never be taken for granted. This friendship day, gift yourself, and your friends— good health. Here are six ways to get fitter along with your pals!  

1. Cook healthy food together:  

Next time when you have a house party, instead of ordering food from outside or cooking instant noodles, whip up something healthy. Get fresh ingredients from the market and use them to make nutritious and tasty food. Having a barbeque is also a great idea, if you and your friends are trying to lose weight, as the food cooked over barbeque requires a very little oil/butter. If you plan on having cocktails then swap sugary beverages with fresh fruits, and vegetable juices.  

2. Hit the gym together: Make workout less daunting and more fun by hitting the gym with your friends. When you work out with your friends you have someone to help and motivate you to reach your desired body shape (and also take #fitspo pictures). Moreover, most health clubs offer substantial discounts if you join with someone. So, you’ve all good reasons to sweat it out with your buddies!

image2 (1)  

3. Play a game:  

Reminisce about your childhood days by getting off the couch and going out with your buddies to play a sport. Team games like cricket, football, volleyball are great for strengthening your bond, as well as your muscles. If you and your buddies are into sports, even fun games like frisbee, caught and escape, dog-in-the- bone, catch-catch also help you move your ass, and get it back in shape.  

4. Dance party:

Dancing is therapeutic, especially if it’s with friends. Try to go out dancing with friends at least once a week, or better have a dance party at home. Play your favourite songs and dance till you drop (a couple of pounds).  

5. Take fitness challenges:   Use social media as a medium to get fitter. Take up fitness challenges trending on social media and then nominate your friends to take them. Though Keke challenge doesn’t really count, the Shiggy dance is really great to lose those unwanted extra inches.

image1 (2)

6. Ask your friends to follow healthhunt  

Most of the content about health and wellness on the internet is fake and unreliable, and you don’t want your friends to experiment with their health. At healthhunt, we only publish fact-checked and verified content that’s written by experts in the field of health and wellness. Ask your friends to follow healthhunt for daily tips on health and wellness from the best doctors, wellness experts, and nutritionists in the country.  

Share this list with your friends and get healthier and happier together!    

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