People With Blood Pressure And Anxiety, Around The World, Can't Stop Obsessing Over This Japanese Technique
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People With Blood Pressure And Anxiety, Around The World, Can't Stop Obsessing Over This Japanese Technique

Mental Wellbeing
Anjali Nayyar
2 min read

People With Blood Pressure And Anxiety, Around The World, Can't Stop Obsessing Over This Japanese Technique

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The Japanese are known all over the world for their discipline, love for coffee, sumo wrestling, 100% literacy rate, and hardworking nature. Here’s what you never about them - they know the perfect solution to troubles of the mind.

In our daily city life, we hardly find time to connect with nature or Mother Earth. In the mad rush of our lives, we get lost in the ticking of the clock and the constant demands of ‘pressing matters’. This winds us up to the point of physical and mental breakdown. The Japanese have found a way to tackle this disaster through forest bathing – being in the presence of trees – a public health programme launched in 1982. The technique of forest bathing promotes overall wellbeing, and reduces stress, heart rate, and blood pressure, while strengthening the immune system.

Maybe not so Japanese and not so recent, forest bathing is actually nature therapy, or green therapy, or earth-centered therapy – more recently called eco therapy. It is all about touching base with nature in an effort to unwind. This has a lot of positive effects on the body – it helps decrease city-bred anxiety and depression, improves self-esteem and social connections, decreases fatigue, improves blood circulation, boosts vitamin D levels, and helps in ‘earthing’ our energies. Interacting with nature, animals, and birds, feeling the grass beneath one’s feet, or walking down a quiet forest path is like taking a bath in the soothing earth energies. Many eminent writers have talked about this as well.

“In H is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald tells of the unexpected loss of her father in her late [30]s. To distract herself from her grief, she attempts to tame a hawk…Similarly, Amy Liptrot, in her book The Outrun: [A Memoir], describes her return to the isle of Orkney, where she took long walks and rebuilt a stone wall as a way of recovering from alcohol addiction and the breakup of a relationship. These are but two of many recent examples”, comments The Telegraph.

How is it that we calm down in nature? Have you ever watched a beaver build its nest or a stork stand in waiting for its prey? Nature is about slowness and patience – 2 qualities fast evaporating in this mad city life. These qualities bring about positivity and calmness. Nature is therapeutic to man; in fact, we are natural creatures being forced to lead an unnatural life!

So, get out of the strife and nature bathe to connect with the oneness envelopes you for a better life.

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