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Top 7 Foods To Avoid For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Organic Beauty
Parul Gupta
2 min read

Top 7 Foods To Avoid For Healthy And Glowing Skin

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Everything that glitters isn’t gold. Similarly, everything that tastes gobsmacking isn’t really good for you.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying – what you eat shows on your face. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and is a great indicator of the state of your health. If your skin is dull or you have acne, it indicates that your digestive system may be in trouble. If you have healthy, glowing skin, it signifies that internally, you’re in a good place. So the crux of it all is, the quality of your diet will reflect on the quality of your skin.

Here is a list of some foods that you should completely avoid if you want healthy and glowing skin:

  1. Sugar – Refined sugar is not good for health, as it weakens the immune system. It causes us to put on weight, results in skin breakouts, and affects collagen production and skin elasticity. So stay away from candies, chocolates, and ice cream. There are a lot of hidden sugar sources we might not even be aware of – bread, salad dressings, bottled smoothies, and frozen yoghurt, to name a few. If you’re craving something sweet, bite into a piece of dark chocolate instead.
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2. Salt – Our salt intake should be limited to 2300 mg (1 teaspoon) in a day. However, we all consume a lot more than that. The result is puffy, dry-looking skin. Salt makes us retain water, making us look unhealthy and bloated. So if you want to look and feel healthy, cut back on the salt.

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3. Dairy – Who hasn’t been told to drink milk so we can have healthy bones? No one, that’s who. However, studies have shown that dairy is not good for your skin. These days, milk is pumped full of hormones, which affects insulin levels, causes skin inflammation, and impacts the sebaceous glands. Choose organic or almond milk, instead of the skimmed variety.

4. High-glycaemic foods – Foods like pastas, bread, and cakes should be avoided, if you want lustrous skin. Cut down on these empty carbs, as these are basically processed foods, which cause blood sugar levels to spike, and can also lead to skin inflammation and eruptions.

5. Shellfish – Crabs, lobsters, and shrimps have high iodine content. Extra iodine in the body leads to clogged pores and acne. If you are prone to breakouts, limit your shellfish intake. Switch to fish, which is omega-3 rich, and can provide radiance to your skin.

6. Caffeine – Drinks that contain caffeine tend to dehydrate you, which interferes with your skin collagen and elasticity. Drinking one cup of coffee a day is not a problem. However, anything more than that will tell, making your skin more prone to wrinkles and sagging. Try and stick to water as your preferred beverage choice. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

7. Spicy foods – While spicy foods may be great to rev up your metabolism, they could play havoc with your skin. Some people react pretty badly to spicy foods – their blood vessels get dilated, which gives the skin a botched and inflamed look. Avoid spicy foods, especially if you have sensitive skin.  

Food To Avoid For Healthy Skin

Now that you are aware of the foods you should avoid if you want clear, healthy, and glowing skin, make these changes in your diet. You’ll see the difference in just a few days, if you stick to the plan. Go ahead, induce envy!

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