Everyday Habits That Could Be Triggering Your Headache
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Everyday Habits That Could Be Triggering Your Headache

Nihaal Mariwala
3 min read

Everyday Habits That Could Be Triggering Your Headache

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There is a common notion that has emerged and is still prevailing in our society- “Some people work to live and some live to work”.

This idea is often hard to realise, but it has been existing since forever.  While people falling in the former category tend to maintain a balance between their professional and personal life, people belonging to the latter category sometimes go too hard on themselves and miss out on living their life happily.  There is nothing wrong in dedicating that extra hour into work, but maintaining a work-life balance is equally important.


Starting from formative years, children are overburdened with academics and extracurricular activities, and are taught to deal with pressure. As and when they grow, they constantly face challenges because of the work or career they pursue. In order to prove their worth, some of them get worn out and lose the perfect balance that is required. Hence, for many people, there is only stress but no stress buster. Sometimes, stress level rises so much that they skip their meal or forget which day of the week it is. The daily chores of life consume most of their time and there is very little time left for themselves. This phenomenon has been termed as ‘Busy Life Syndrome’ by many scientists.


The technological advances and perks of modern lifestyles also come with uncompromising deadlines and rigid targets to be achieved. The impact of such kind of lifestyle is not just restricted to limited social life but it also leaves an adverse effect on the behaviour and health of a person. The urge to have a successful life has often led to anxiety and headache.

Parts of the human body like the head, face and even the neck, continuously suffer due to headaches. The different sources and types of such headaches. Some of the most common types of headaches are:
  • Tension Headache: This feels like a tight band compressed around the head- increasing the soreness of pericranial muscle.
  • Migraine: This causes a long-lasting pain and involves seeing different shapes, patterns and flashing light; generating bad sensation in people.
  • Cluster Headache: This type of headache leads to reddening of eyes or constricted pupil, resulting in discomfort in eyes and head.

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It is rightly said that men are the product of their own environment. They design and shape the environment, to fit in a little better. It is the action of men that determines their genre de vie- which means that the activities undertaken by men define their way of life. Some people can have a healthful life whereas some may have ‘not so healthful’ life, basis the choices they make. A bad lifestyle can indeed be the reason behind health issues like headache.

Factors that may trigger headache:

1. Unnatural Position: Posture abnormality or a bad posture can result in serious damages in the structure of the human body and create tension in the joints, neck or other parts of the body causing headache. It usually occurs when people work on their computers or mobile phones for long hours or spend too much time looking down while reading or writing. During such activities, head and shoulder are in the forward position, creating pressure behind the skull or over the head and behind the eyes, resulting into unpleasant headache.

2. Food Fantasy: Who doesn’t like the mouth-watering chocolates and that layer of extra cheese in their pizza! But some of the food items that we love, have harmful side-effects. The use of preservatives like nitrates or nitrites in processed food items like bacon or turkey can trigger headache in some people.


3. Oversleeping And Sleeplessness: Oversleeping and lack of sleep can provoke primary or secondary headaches. Oversleeping causes headache as people spend a lot of time in a specific stage of sleeping. As per scientific literature, people dream more if they increase their sleep, and ‘Dreaming Sleep’ can also trigger headache in people who are prone to headaches. On the other hand, lack of sleep activates proteins that might disrupt the nervous system and cause chronic pain, eventually resulting in migraine.

4. Rage: A bad temperament can land people in unwanted situations. It not only creates negativity around us, but can also be a sign of ‘Tension Headache’.  Anger leads to rushing of hormones in the bloodstream, tremor in the muscle and overthinking.  All of these can indeed be the reasons behind an unwanted headache.

5. More Strain, More Pain: Emotional, physical, and chemical stress can affect our immunity and overload our nervous system. A stressful life can be harmful for people who have a tendency of getting headaches. The habit of tightening our neck or shoulder or grinding our teeth when stressed, compresses muscles in the back of the neck and in the scalp, causing the head to hurt.


Though we can’t prevent all types of headaches, but we can treat some of them quickly and safely. The next time you start to feel a headache coming in, focus on identifying its type for faster relief.

Nihaal Mariwala is the founder and CEO of Setu— a modern health supplement company.    

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