Do You Have A Healthy Gut?: The Vital Significance Of Healthy Gut Flora
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Do You Have A Healthy Gut?: The Vital Significance Of Healthy Gut Flora

Mansi Kohli
3 min read

Do You Have A Healthy Gut?: The Vital Significance Of Healthy Gut Flora

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You should be careful of what microorganisms you’re encouraging in your gut. Because they could make or break your health.

Is the inner lining of your stomach wreaking havoc on your health? Do you perpetually suffer from different types of digestive disorders, such as constipation, heartburn, gas, reflux, diarrhoea, or an irritable bowel? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. With the availability of more than 200 varieties of over-the-counter remedies for digestive disorders, and visits to primary care physicians for intestinal disorders becoming common, maintaining your gut health is indeed central to your entire health.

The importance of a healthy gut

Home to over 100 billion bacteria, it’s imperative for our gut to remain healthy. 

  • A hot breeding area of scientific research lately, it’s been observed that there is a whole lot of connection between the gut bacteria a.k.a. microbes in our body, and our health. Amidst many other things, it’s the gut flora that constitutes more than 75 per cent of our immune system, which boosts normal gastrointestinal functions and provides adequate shield from infections, by regulating our metabolism.
  • A dysregulated gut health can be linked with type 1 diabetes, autism, and many other autoimmune conditions. Also touted as your body’s second brain, the gut is not only vital to the digestive system, but also to mental health, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, weight control, and overall health.
  • A healthy gut system helps in regulating inflammation and our immune system’s response to inflammation. This is because gut flora produces large amounts of a type of molecular messenger called prostaglandin, which plays a pivotal role in tackling inflammation, pain, and fever.
  • The gut also helps in altering the way we store fat, as it helps us in managing the glucose in the blood and how we respond to hormones, which make us feel full or hungry. By fighting with potential pathogens for space and food, new studies have suggested that it aids in maintaining optimum weight.
  • With more than 500 species and 3 pounds of bacteria present in your gut, it’s a huge chemical factory, which aids in regulating hormones, excreting toxins, producing vitamins, and preparing healing compounds in our body. Too many unhealthy gut entrants, such as yeast, bad bacteria, and parasites, or the absence of good ones like bifidobacteria or lactobacillus can pose serious risks to your overall health.

What knocks our gut health off-balance?

Your gut health might be seriously affected because of the following reasons:

  • A high intake of pills and medicines, such as antibiotics, acid-blocking drugs, and steroids, which might rupture the gut or block the normal flow of digestive function.
  • Acid-blocking medications or zinc deficiency can further add to digestive enzyme problems.
  • High-calorie food, processed food, and a high-sugar diet, when combined with low fibre and poor nutrient intake, might lead to an unhealthy digestive system.
  • A perpetual low-grade infection might lead to overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, and parasites, leading to untapped gut infections.
  • Lastly, stress can majorly tick off your gut nervous system and force it to change its normal functioning.

Ways to Perk Up Your Gut Health

You must try and improve your gut immune function by consuming probiotics and probiotic foods. Apart from this, eat nuts, seeds, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and fermentable fibres, such as sweet potatoes and wheat bran. Totally eliminate all sort of food toxins from your diet, and work effectively on lowering your stress levels. 

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