Den Zen | 7 Ways To Fill Your Home With Loving Energy
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Den Zen | 7 Ways To Fill Your Home With Loving Energy

Mental Wellbeing
Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap
9 min read

Den Zen | 7 Ways To Fill Your Home With Loving Energy

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A lion’s den is a place for him to rest. If your den is making you restless instead of calm, then it’s time you make certain changes.

The word “Zen” is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese “Ch’an,” which means “meditation.” Ch’an came to Japan and became “Zen” around the eighth century. Your home is your source of solace. It’s where you recharge your batteries and freshen your perspectives, which is why it must always be filled with love. Here are a few everyday tips/tricks to invite loving energy into your home, and keep it there!

Declutter, recycle, clean-as-you-go

The first physical step towards allowing your house to ‘breathe’. Old/dysfunctional items, clothes, accessories that you haven't worn in ages, outdated magazines/newspapers – all collectively create a stagnant aura of exhaustion. Clearing them gives you a practical idea of what you really need. It also induces feelings of novelty, so you're more likely to get creative; substituting useless objects with updated/positive ones.

Connect with nature

It’s easy to designate a section of the terrace/balcony, or even a small window sill, to flowers and lush, green plants. Nature in any form is restful and therapeutic; a trigger for peace. Gardening/rooftop farming are activities to involve all family members in – thus amplifying feelings of togetherness. Keeping water and seeds for birds is an act of gratitude that invites energies of abundance and prosperity. My mother used to say that wind chimes call for protection by spirits – if they chime without a breeze, a spirit is letting you know it's around. When I put one in my balcony, the thought of this scared me. Actually, it’s quite comforting.

gautam buddha - Meditate and connect with nature -Den Zen

Choose calming furniture

Make sure you choose calming furniture. Add furning that is made from wood, stone, cork and natural fabrics such as cotton or wool. Experts suggest that to get the Zen vibe, the natural imperfections of the material or fiber should be highlighted. So, it not only about the feel, but also about accepting the imperfections that comes with these materials.

Routine cleansing using fragrances

Aromatherapy for stress-relief is now a fairly common practice. Many people burn essential oils (lavender/patchouli/lemongrass) to enjoy the heady fragrances. If you can't find smudging sticks easily, you can burn loban, or frankincense, carrying the smoke to every corner of the house. This is believed to dissipate negative energy. On particularly stuffy evenings/nights, try keeping a bunch of jasmine flowers in a bowl of cool water. Switch on your AC’s, and keep the doors closed. This is a great remedy for a tired body, after a long day at work!

healthunt recommends - Organic Rosemary Essential Oil / Set Of 12 Essential Oils -10ml each

Aromatherapy - Clean Fragrances

Interior decoration with salt lamps/paintings/sculptures

Himalayan pink salt lamps generate a greater number of negative ions in the air – which are also created by sunlight, ocean waves, waterfalls, or lightning. Hence, with these lamps at home, you’re replicating the same feelings of freshness and invigoration that you get from these natural phenomena. Keep them in rooms where you tend to feel tired without knowing why, and where you tend to argue or fight. My own family was advised to stock the living room with paintings/sculptures of the Buddha, which has surprisingly worked wonders on all our hot heads. Now, we love sitting in the living room, instead of our own rooms at the end of the day, or on weekends.

Keep low lighting

To get the Zen benefits, get rid of overhead lighting and keep your lighting low to the floor. Aim to have three sources in every room, and make sure you have dimmable lights so that you can adjust the light output for different times of the day. Make sure you use warm LED lights or incandescent lights. Try as use candles as often as you can. By its nature, light is a stimulating agent, and the brighter you keep your surroundings, the more stimulating it will be. Also, he lower the light, the calmer you will be.

Talk lovingly, to act lovingly!

We all ‘lose it’ sometimes, some more intensely than others. In fact, if you must scream or shout, it's better done within the four walls of your house! But it's less draining on everyone’s mood as well as mental strength, if all make an effort to be calm, patient, and encouraging. Remember the last time you faced a loved one with a smile, instead of just a quick nod of the head? Even that one gesture drastically changes the quality of the vibes circulating in the house.

When you know how to fill your home with loving, positive energy, things get better. These are tried and tested methods, ones I can personally vouch for. Should you try them, may they fill your home with compassion and love – that which you can use personally, and then share with everyone!

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