5 Things To Consider Before Dating A Co-Worker
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5 Things To Consider Before Dating A Co-Worker

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

5 Things To Consider Before Dating A Co-Worker

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While office romances do seem right-out-of-a-movie exciting, there are a number of things one mustn't forget, for our own good.

There’s something about men in striped shirts, with their sleeves rolled up, that makes me dizzy with appreciation. And women, well, where do I even begin? White shirts, plaid skirts, or plain salwar kameez – all well capable of making the steadiest person weak in the knees.

Workplace attractions are no news, especially when you’re spending so much time working together on projects, slogging it during overtime, and constantly being each other’s pillar of support. It is but obvious that attachments form, affairs happen, and relationships witness unexpected twists. And the fact that office romances seem to have a bad reputation can be quite a bother, if you find yourself getting attracted to someone at work. For a minute, forget everything your mother, plumber, best friend, or your well-meaning neighbour ever told you.

Here are the 5 facts you should consider before you go down to 101 Office Boulevard, Romanceville:        

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  1. You will never leave work at work – It's practically impossible to not end up talking about work, projects, or colleagues when you are together, even if it may be a romantic date. This is the one drawback that is sure to come with dating a colleague, unless you put conscious effort into not discussing work EVER.   
  2. A break-up is going to mean torture in some way – Imagine still seeing the other person every single day at work! You know that cannot be good, especially when you’re trying to put the person out of your mind.
  3. No public displays of affection – Find out the HR policy regarding office romances before you go down the dating your colleague route. If it is not frowned upon, then depending on the office environment, it may be considered anywhere between cool to completely outrageous to hug or plant a kiss on the cheek of your partner, at work. It may make people queasy, and land you a meeting with HR. Keep that in mind.
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4. Speculation – In case you are wondering, there is definitely, positively, unequivocally going to be speculation. Sitting together at meetings, closing the door to the cabin when you may be just discussing work, taking your partner’s side only because you think they’re right in a case etc. may be taken in the wrong way. And if one of you is the boss of the other, God help you. People are thinking of you as a unit now, and so it would take a little extra effort to reinforce that both of you are thorough professionals, who work independently. Be game to shrug off idle gossip, and some unnecessary probing and prying.

5. Compartmentalise life – There will be issues that will arise between the two of you, because of work. Keep these out of the office. In case there’s any tension in the relationship, it's paramount that you both leave it outside, before you come to work. That means pleasant greetings, normal discussions at meetings, and continuing to work together as a team, without any tantrums. Other than the fact that it's unfair to expect colleagues to accommodate your relationship troubles, it’s also true that such things affect productivity. Spare putting anyone in that position, including yourself.

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Now keep these things in mind, and don’t let any inhibitions stop you from pursuing the love that has come knocking. Good luck!

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