Catch Me If You Can: 5 Signs Of Highly Desirable Women
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5 Signs Of Highly Desirable Women

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

5 Signs Of Highly Desirable Women

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“Everyone wants to be desirable today. That’s partially why we put in so much effort into our appearance, body language, posture, table etiquettes etc.”. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

The dictionary describes desirable as ‘worth having or wanting; arousing desire’. Now, it doesn’t have to really just mean the desire to love, date, or marry; it could mean other things that aren’t romantic. For example, a woman who is desirable will also be the kind of person one would like to emulate, be inspired by, learn from, or simply work with. 

Everyone wants to be desirable today. That’s partially why we put in so much effort into our appearance, body language, posture, table etiquettes etc. Being desirable or making an impression is what makes you stand in front of the mirror and practice a handshake, an introduction, a walk, a wink, a smile; it’s what makes you tuck your tummy in the moment that a camera flash goes off. Think Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Sofia Vergara, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyoncé Knowles, Shakira, and Meryl Streep. These ladies are so badass that anyone who doesn’t want to date them, wants to be like them. There’s a reason why fragrances by these ladies sell out in minutes!

So what is it that really makes them so magnetic? Read ahead.

Attention to self – A woman who desires herself is automatically more desirable. I don’t mean selfish or vain, just the kind of woman who wouldn’t waste time chasing a man, and focuses more on becoming a better person every day. They are compassionate and kind-hearted; but they’re also smart enough to prioritise their own wellbeing, rather than indulge in self-destructive behaviour. These women never lose sight of their dreams and goals. 

Worldly wisdom – Worldly wisdom comes from having travelled. One doesn’t have to quit their job, pack a bag, and travel all over the world. You could make small trips whenever there’s time, to places or experiences that are foreign to you, and constantly challenge yourself. Take language courses, try different cuisines, and endeavour to understand different cultures. Trust me, you only have today, and you don’t know what may come tomorrow; start now. Experience can teach you things no book can.

Grace and clarity – Grace here does not imply sitting with closed legs and all that jazz. It means being graceful in whatever you do. A wrestler can be as graceful as a ballet dancer. Grace has nothing to do with what you do, and everything to do with how you do it. Clarity is a major contributor to grace. Women who have clarity of thought, who weigh their words carefully, and aren’t afraid of expressing how they feel, are truly appreciated. 

Emotional balance – Emotionally balanced women are a rare species nowadays. Not blaming anyone though; with all the body-shaming, social pressure, career stress, and family duties, it’s only normal to lose all kinds of balance now and then. However, it’s inspirational how some women don’t waste time harbouring useless emotions that won’t bring them any good. They realise how important it is to progress in life, and choose not to entertain elements that keep them from their dreams.

Passion and independence – People really benefit from having aspirations and interests of their own. Co-dependency has somehow become a given in relationships, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some joint interests and accounts are okay, but understand that it’s completely possible to have passions of one’s own, and still be in a happy relationship. Independence is the best gift you can give yourself. Therefore, a desirable woman will reap the most out of life, and have lots of stories to tell from it. Bonus point: In case it doesn’t work out, every single thing in your life won’t remind you of your partner after separation, and will save you a lot of sadness.

Signs Of Highly Desirable Women

You’re almost there. Just keep these little things in mind, work at it, and slowly you’ll find your desirability go through the roof!

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