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We Tell You What’s Keeping You From Being A 10/10 In Bed

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

We Tell You What’s Keeping You From Being A 10/10 In Bed

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Do you often wonder why you don’t have a date, even when you’ve got it all going on? Here are the answers.

Every man wants to be a 10 on 10 in the sack. You could be a woman’s perfect 3S: smart – sensitive – sexy, but if you’re being a jerk, maybe without even realising it, you have a long journey ahead of you. Problem is, most men totally assume that they are gods of sexual fantasy, until someone really shakes ‘em up and brings ‘em to reality. Earth calling you. It’s all right, we’re all learning. Wondering why she claimed to be busy after a few dates, or never called you back? Before anybody has to tell you, let’s do a quick self-assessment...because knowing is half the battle won. And if you’re already great in bed and all that, maybe a few tips could help?
  1. Your partner is playing dead – She doesn’t have to moan like a porn star…some women are expressive, some aren’t. But if she hasn’t made a peep in the last 20 minutes, maybe you should be worried. Communication is a life-saver! You’ll know it once you do it.  If it’s your first time together, ask her what she likes. Tickle her, tease her, and keep communicating. And later, instead of the “That was great, eh?”, try “I really liked it when you…”, and hope she returns the favour.

2. You have a formula – You have a fixed formula for every woman, and you think it’s a 100 per cent effective. Maybe it’s a great formula, but it cannot work on everyone, no matter how fool-proof it is. If you are doing this because you think it is about you, then you’re wrong. Sex is a 2-way play. If you want her to orgasm, you have to kiss her where it works. Pay attention – what is she saying? She may not outright tell you what she likes, but she may moan, or clutch, or squirm when you’re hitting her sweet spots. Remember to forget the formula, and the woman will always remember you.

3. You play it safe – No, no, no. Please don’t. Have safe sex, don’t have boring sex. Don’t be afraid to try a new position, a new technique, or something else for the first time if she suggests it (or even if she doesn’t). Being open is the key to self-discovery. Remove all apprehensions, and replace it with steaming passion. Maybe you’ll just end up loving it yourself.

4. No cuddling, ‘cause ain't nobody got time for that – After sex, you roll over and sleep. Big red NO. You can do these things instead – watch a movie (No. Doesn’t have to be a rom-com, stop with the eye rolling already), play a round of Uno, talk, snuggle, or cook something to get some energy for round 2. Just do whatever you like to do. Introduce her to jazz, or show her the rap you’ve been practicing. Spend time together, and don’t make it look like you only care about sex.

How To Be Good In Bed

5. You skip foreplay – I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this the whole time, and cannot wait to stick it in. But please, for the love of God, take it slow. Don’t act like a Neanderthal. Be a gentleman, and give your partner some consideration. Your partner’s pleasure is as important as yours, and believe me, if she likes it, there will be rewards. *wink*   

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