(हिन्दी) Contra(de)ception: Is Your Birth Control Pill Really Working For You?
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Contra(de)ception: Is Your Birth Control Pill Really Working For You?

Lakshmi Devan
6 min read

Contra(de)ception: Is Your Birth Control Pill Really Working For You?

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No denying the fact that the pill is a hassle-free way of birth control, but it may not be meant for you.

‘The pill’ is such a complex issue with everyone; some don’t want to talk about it, some are struggling to keep up with it, and some are suffering because of it.  And even if you identify yourself as neither of the above, and are happy-doodle-do with your birth control, here’s why you should still do a quick read: 

  • Hey, because it’s only gonna take a few minutes.
  • Your pill might be doing you harm, without you even realising it.
  • Your daughter’s/sister’s/best friend’s birth control is plain IMPORTANT, why take a chance?

The pill is prescribed by physicians for hormonal management in case of period problems too, and is not only for birth control purposes. Girls as young as 12 are often prescribed the pill to help them have easier periods. Women with polycystic ovarian disease, endometriosis, fibroid cramps, or menorrhagia are also prescribed the same. So it’s crucial to know, and to always be open to a quick analysis of whether your pill is working for you or not. A woman’s body undergoes perpetual change throughout life; what might suit you now may not suit you always. Therefore, I ask – Is your birth control pill really working for you? 

Here’s how you’ll know it’s not:

Low energy – Birth control pills are known to deplete your body’s reserves of vitamin B6, or reduce the efficiency of its usage. Thus, they can cause fatigue, nausea, or mood swings. Most doctors advise vitamin B supplements to go with the pills. And if this arrangement doesn’t quite work for you, you might want to consider other methods.

Low libido – See, your body makes about 50 per cent of the total testosterone requirement every month when you ovulate. This is important, because it’s the testosterone that increases blood flow to your genital region, meaning better lubrication, more pleasure, and as a result –  god-awesome orgasms. Now, if you’re on the pill, it means that there will be no ovulation, and you can pretty much discount the testosterone involved as well. Low testosterone = low libido. 

Migraines or regular headaches – Some women are very sensitive to oestrogen. In some women, pill-delivered extra oestrogen seems to trigger a migraine, while in others, the same pill can be used to reduce the occurrence of migraines. It really just varies from person to person, but if your pill is giving you more headache than a rhinoceros howling in labour would, it’s time to have the talk with your gynaecologist. 

Weight gain, or difficulty in losing weight – Researchers found higher levels of cortisol in pill-taking participants of a 10-week training program, than their non-pill counterparts. Cortisol is notorious for causing weight gain and muscle breakdown in the long run, thus making it harder to lose weight as well.

Depression, or outrageous mood swings – If you lose your temper often, it’s a part of bad mood swings; but if you stab a man with a fork…that’s outrageous mood swings. Simple difference really – if you suspect that the pills you started on recently are turning you murderous or depressed, you might want to consider other options. Most birth control methods like patches, vaginal rings, under-the-skin implants, injections, or hormonal IUDs work by using a combination of hormones. Some use only oestrogen or only progestin; some use a mix of both. The relief here is that the composition of each of these birth controls and their resulting effects in the body are very different, and while the pill may not suit you…another method perfectly could. 

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