Baby Born 'Pregnant' With Twin Brother, India Witnesses Rare 'Foetus-In-Foetu' Case
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Baby Born 'Pregnant' With Twin Brother, India Witnesses Rare 'Foetus-In-Foetu' Case

Parul Gupta
2 min read

Baby Born 'Pregnant' With Twin Brother, India Witnesses Rare 'Foetus-In-Foetu' Case

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In one of the rarest of rare cases, Mumbai, India saw a baby boy being born with his half-formed twin inside his abdomen.

We think we’ve seen it all and heard it all in today’s day and age. But this one stumped everyone, even doctors in Mumbai.

Doctors at Bilal Hospital in Mumbra were in for a surprise when radiologist Dr Thorat was giving a 19-year-old pregnant woman a routine scan. She noticed that there was something inside the foetal sac of the foetus – another foetus.

Their suspicions were confirmed when the mother gave birth a few days later. On closer examination, they realised that there was another foetus in the newborn baby’s abdomen.

Dr Thorat said, “I could see bones of the upper and lower limbs of the foetus. The unique thing about it was I could see a tiny head with the brain inside.”

Can you imagine the shock? This kind of abnormality, a 'foetus-in-fetu' twin pregnancy, is extremely rare and there are only about 200 such cases recorded around the world. ‘Foetus-in-fetu’ is a developmental abnormality, in which a mass of tissue, resembling a foetus, forms inside the body. The baby had a foetus with a half-formed body of a boy, with a brain, arms, and legs.

The newborn baby had to undergo surgery to remove the 7 cm mass in his stomach. The mother and child are both recovering well after the surgery.

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