Top 8 Condom Mistakes You Should Avoid
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Top 8 Condom Mistakes You Should Avoid

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

Top 8 Condom Mistakes You Should Avoid

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So, you’re quite the philanderer, and you know everything about sex and its necessary paraphernalia...not. Even Bruce Lee could make mistakes in this rather tricky department, and it’s better to realise it late than never! And by late, we mean NOW.

Condom is a safe and effective option when it comes to contraception and it also helps in preventing a number of sexually transmitted diseases. it is however essential that you know the do’s and don'ts of using a condom, since there are many common mistakes that people make while using condoms. What if I said that you might’ve been making a blunder in that department all these years?

Nah, of course you’re a pro at it. You’ve never been in trouble so far, so why worry? Because you could’ve just been extremely lucky…and that might not always be the case. Wise men learn from their mistakes, and the wisest learn from others’ mistakes.

Here are the top condom mistakes a majority of people are making (and how not to be one of them):

1. Wearing a condom only during penetration

A condom needs to be on the hole, sorry whole, time: Wearing a condom only during penetration – While a majority of people don’t use a condom during oral sex, it’s wise to do so. Let’s not forget that the purpose of a condom is not only to avoid pregnancy. If you’ve discussed things with your partner, gotten yourselves checked, and are monogamous, only then should you not be worrying about STDs.  

2. Not using enough lubrication

Some lube outside and inside can help: Not using lubricants when needed – Sometimes a little lube inside can reduce the chances of the condom breaking due to agitation. That’s a tip straight from a sexpert.  But make sure you’re not using oil-based lubricants, because they cause latex to deteriorate. One should try and stick to water/silicon-based ones in such cases.

3. Being over-enthusiastic

It is advisable to not put on a condom until you’re fully erect. This way, you can make sure it actually fits properly and stays in place when you’re having sex.

4. Not leaving enough space inside the condom

Space issues: Not leaving enough space for semen at the tip – It’s important to always leave space at the tip to avoid overspills, breakage, and basically most STDs. Remember, the key is to not let the milk boil over.  

5. Wearing your condom wrong

Wear it wrong: Wearing it inside-out, upside-down, double-bagging, wrong size, trapped air, and incomplete unrolling – There are still more ways to get it wrong. Preposterous, right? A condom too big will slip right off in between, and a condom too tight will constrict the penis and you’d even lose sensation. Air bubbles and trapped air will cause it to burst, and the extra-precautionary double-bagging will cause increased friction and breakage.  

6. Not wearing the right size condom

Is it my size: If it doesn’t feel so good, it’s because it doesn’t fit – Sometimes, men refuse to put a condom on because ‘they’re too big for any condom in the world’. I’m sorry, but you’re not. Don’t be a jerk, and get your size right. There are small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes available in the market that can fit anything between a fist to a full human face. Condoms are like jeans – you have to try a million to find the perfect match.

7. Not checking the expiry date of the condom

Yes, you heard that right. Condoms also have an expiry date. Make sure you check it before using and discarding the ones that are past their expiry date. If a condom is expired, its rubber or latex can dry out, which leads to cracks and holes in the condom.

8. Not experimenting enough with your choice of condoms

Condoms come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. There’s super-thin, dotted, smaller-fit, extra-long, flavoured, lubricated, and even glow-in-the-dark ones. Please don’t settle for the first one, try other options. Don’t just assume that all rubbers feel the same.

Condom Mistakes

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