Anal Sex For The Beginners: Benefits And Potential Health Risks
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Anal Sex: Benefits And Potential Health Risks

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

Anal Sex: Benefits And Potential Health Risks

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Well, no one really knows who first got the idea, but anal sex surely is the muse of all pop stars at the moment. I’m sure you can’t forget ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj. Then there’s ‘Shake That’ by Eminem, ‘Booty’ by Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, ‘Too Much Booty’ by Soundmaster T…the list is endless, seriously.

Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Pippa Middleton deserve huge credit in making derrière fashionable again and along with it, intentionally or unintentionally – the idea of anal sex.

But wait right there. This is ‘anal sex for the beginners’, so let’s start at the very beginning.

What is anal sex? What does it comprise?

Anal sex is more than just penis in the anus, my friend. The term ‘anal sex’ includes fingers, sex toys, tongue, or the other miscellaneous elements (that I wouldn’t recommend, but hey, your life, your rules) inside or outside the anus for stimulation. When it comes to anal sex, surprisingly, things are fairly black and white. I mean, either people really love it or downright detest it; there’s no middle ground.

But hey, if you are considering trying anal sex with your partner for the first time, I recommend not keeping porn as your only reference point. That brings us to –

Where and how do you begin?

Simple! Just as in case of vaginal sex, you start with foreplay. Now remember, unlike vagina, anus isn’t self-lubricating. It’s also likely that those cheeks (and what’s between them) aren’t used to being “explored”, so make sure that you have the time and patience that the task requires. A little resolve, that’s all I ask.

I know that you see porn stars skip foreplay altogether and jump right to “it” in porn, but even they do tons of prep before, behind the scenes.

Therefore, here are my top 6 tips for all my wee anal sex beginners out there:

  1. Go shopping! Invest in vibrators, butt plugs, and dildos. They’re long term investments that’ll always come handy. You’ll thank me.
  2. Start slow and don’t rush. Even if you don’t have fancy equipment, use your fingers to get acquainted to the feeling of having something around and inside the butt hole. Don’t be fast to reach a conclusion either. Take it from someone with a fair share of expertise; it will feel weird in the beginning, and that’s completely normal. Give it a little time before you decide whether it is for you.
  3. Have the talk. Please don’t let anal sex be a spontaneous decision or worse, a complete surprise for your partner. Ensure that they’re completely comfortable with the idea and talk through all apprehensions and reservations.

4. For men being penetrated, anal sex means the stimulation of the prostate gland – a less charted erogenous zone that when excited may lead to either a peaked, pleasurable orgasm or an abrupt, premature ejaculation. So, technique and comfort is everything.

5. Did you know that the clitoris extends far more inside than you see outside? It’s like the iceberg of the female anatomy. Some scientists even hypothesise that the G-spot is nothing but the internal extension of the clitoris.
So, for women being penetrated, the pressure inside the anus can potentially stimulate the clitoral extensions inside (or shall we say- the G-spot?) and bring them to a powerful, unprecedented orgasm. Try and couple anal penetration with clitoral stimulation, if just penetration alone isn’t doing it for you.

6. Lastly but most importantly, do not forget protection. The anus is full of bacteria – both good and bad- and trust me, you don’t want to find out later which one you had the chance to encounter. Anal penetration can cause small tears in the rectum and provide harmful pathogens easy access to the bloodstream.
I’m talking about diseases like gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV, and HPV. What most people don’t know is that HPV, the common culprit behind cervical cancer can also be transmitted through anal sex. On a good day, the penetrator would be still putting themselves at a staggeringly high risk of UTIs, so here’s the bottom line: Do you really want anal sex to be the end of all sexual adventures?

Think about it.

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